What do you feel you need to improve upon as a writer?


I totally relate to the headache of names :joy: right now I think a fair portion of my Google search history is like,
“cool female names starting with A”
“cool male names starting with A”
“cool unisex names starting with A”


Speaking of names, I’m working on a story set on another planet, so I can’t even use common names! And I have to name everything else too (like the planet/important countries/cities/etc). This experience has truly revealed to me how un-creative I am lol

Other than that I have a really hard time resisting the urge to “justify” what I’m writing–not writing a bunch of (probably boring) explanations for why things are the way they are in this universe, and I’m sure a least some justification has snuck into my work


I bet you probably know Behind the Name and Behind the Surname, but friendo, let me introduce you to Magic Baby Names.

I have an extremely extensive collection of baby name/character name sites bookmarked. I’ve even dabbled in creating name randomizers myself. All because I put a great deal of thought into character names, and can’t properly develop a character until they have just the right name. And then I have to name their entire family and hometown and whatever, and they need middle names and nick names… And it all has to fit with a certain tone or theme. So, the sites.


On the major level? Laziness, shortcuts. stress, and downright refusing to work for [insert excuse or thing I have to do / am doing here]. Seriously considering installing admin parental controls…to use against myself.

On the technical level? Enjoying my love for frilly prose and obtuse dialogues without getting eye-rollingly melodramatic.


Pretty much everything. I’m not a great writer and despite my ego, at times I can admit I’m at the beginning level of writing. But Besides that, I would say names and in general appearances and personality, usual I plan out everything in my head but sometimes when I’m writing I find out that words or how a character interact won’t really work well, it’s a pretty normal situation for me.


Have you tried StayFocusd? It’s a productivity browser plugin. Saved my bacon a few times.


I’m too wordy; I over explain things better left hinted at; I’m not particularly interested in my prose being flowery, no desire to make someone say, “Wow that boy can sure turn a phrase!” but even with that being said, my prose is too stilted; I could be better at getting across the character’s personalities through dialogue.


Vocabulary, procrastinating, 0 confidence in my work but still hoping that it’s good.


Im with you on “actually writing” thats my biggest problem followed up with vocabulary… :frowning:


The extension was incompatible with my browser but I found one called Leechblock that has been really helpful :slight_smile: blocking youtube alone sends me into a spiral questioning my life and productivity choices

My jealous gf: actually working on my game
The girl who caught my eye: 100 episodes of gmod prop hunt