What are your MC's for the Choicescript games?

i don’t have a self-insert. Instead, i make new characters and hope to insert them in my writing universe.

The List
  • Zombie Exodus - Natalie Smith, a caring, trusting scientist who successfully created a vaccine.

  • Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven - Aster Jimenez, a hot-tempered college student who is willing to uproot hell for xyr nephew, Sage.

  • Community College Hero - Avery Brooks, a young superhero who hopes to discover more about themselves despite their “disadvantage”.

  • The Versus Series - Averis Thomil, a Priscan who tends to rebel. Genuine enough to have Venuma think that zhe’s on her side. (Zhe’s not. Just on the side of rebellion).

  • UnNatural - Casey Williams, a young man who is trying to get over the werewolf attack that ruined his childhood. Serves the SRT to know more about the supernatural and to stop the rogues.

  • Choice of the Pirate - “Leo” Enríquez, a pirate is rather on the fence between the Crown and El Sabio.

  • Eagle’s Heir - Jocelyn/Camelia St. Elme, the loyal bodyguard of Alexandre, hopes for a reconciliation between the two brothers.

  • Hero Unmasked! - Raven Valencia, a TV show host who is reluctant to step into the shoes of their superhero sibling to find the said sibling.

  • Heart of the House - Carlisle de Castillo, a stoic academic occultist who hopes to find her uncle and bring him home.

  • The Evertree Saga - Kyries Eorthe, an elf who dreams of being a druid. They hope to help their sister in their journey, and hopefully others along the way.

  • Tally Ho - Lauren Lucré, the well-read servant. They are known to be very soothing in terms of their service and mannerisms.

  • The Wayhaven Chronicles - Skyler “Skye” Morales, a young detective who focuses on science and deduction. Genuine, friendly and stubborn.

  • The Grim and I - Leigh Valencia, a recently passed novelist who is anchored by their husband and their lifework.

  • The Keeper series - Chrysanth “Khrys” Larkspur, a kitsune who was reluctant about magic but grew to enjoy it. Is rather smart and kind.

  • Drag Star! - Saudade Thymes, a glamour queen who is generally a sweetheart and really wants to be better after a certain rough patch in xyr life.

Long list. i know…and that doesn’t include the WiPs either.


Wow for me it depends. I usually have 4 different characters and I try to play them all in the games

Ashley Strife : An agile and quick witted fighter. She is extremely apathetic but had a tendency to smile at the sight of others getting hurt. She has long black hair and, if possible, red eyes. Otherwise she possesses green eyes

Riku Hiroshima: Kind, Caring and Compassionate. A clever and strong fighter who never backs down from a challenge. Is extremely Stubborn. Short blonde hair and blue eyes

Kazami Lesami: An extremely smart individual that likes to show technology is above all else. He can be social but prefers to be left to his own devices. Has slick black hair with green eyes.

Koyoto Giram: A deceitful and untrustworthy individual. If she is presented ain better option, she will take it no matter who she hurts. Has long brown hair and hazel eyes

I don’t remember many I used, but my main Tin Star guy is Clint Murica

I had 100+ Gunfighting with him