What are your favorite underrated COG games?

Trials of the Thief Taker and Dragon Racer, the latter of which I don’t know if it justifies as underrated but rarely see people talk about it as much as it deserves.


Choice of the Petal Throne was always one of my favorites.


Dude saw this thread and immediately though elementals wip. Oh man that was the shit I’m still waiting for the author to come back with some news on it but they are around so I’m still hpoeful. Oh and blade of Damascus that one too.

I don’t know if this is even a valid answer but does Alter Ego count? It’s not actually made by CoG but a version of it is hosted there, so…
(Also apparently you can only find it through a search engine and not on the CoG site? Is it anywhere on the CoG site?)

It’s what made me discover CoG, so I have a bit of a soft spot for it. But even then it’s a pretty good game (though the play style is different from actual CoGs) with a bunch of endings.


I don’t really see Midsummer night’s choice being mentioned, honestly this one in particular had me hooked for hours.

Also one that I don’t think gets a lot of attention is Welcome to Moreytown.

not to mention psy high (I really don’t know if it’s underrated, but I really don’t see much talk of the two books)

Now that I think about it … Hero Unmasked! (is it underrated …?) or Senseis Story (this one I really play every time I want to lift my spirits)


I think Midsummer and Moreytown were mentioned quite a but when they were new, but this is a great list…you have fabulous taste! :smiley:


Oh seriously? I really didn’t know (I’m really very new to COG :sweat_smile:)

Um good taste you say? What can I say I learned from the best😉

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Pendragon Rising.

I talk about this a lot, but this story really scratched a niche itch for me just enough for it to shoot up to #3 on my favorite COGs, but not enough to satiate me. It feels just a bit short, and by today’s standards probably focuses too much on stats rather than character behavior and personality (I could name a few ways it crops up), but damn was it fun to go from the most hated woman in the entire land to becoming High Queen of the Britons.

On top of that, usually I pay no mind to gender-flipping in CoGs, but a society full of warrior-women was so cool to see. I don’t have any deep, thoughtful reasons for why I liked it; I guess I just like the idea of a bunch of women leading nations and going to war, because usually I see men doing these things in media.

And, of course, getting to romance the strong-but-bashful Yvaine was a big plus for me.


I’m curious, what’s your #1?

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If we’re just talking COGs, then Slammed! If we’re talking COGs and Hosted Games, then the Wayhaven Chronicles in its entirety. Of course, neither of these are underrated, but they both have elements similar to Pendragon Rising that I love.


SLAMMED! might be a bit underrated though. It has two of the best ROs in CoG history (Ecstasy and J.J) IMO, a solid story and it’s never been talked about as much as some of the other titles here, at least not what I’ve seen.


I agree to an extent. I see E. Ecstasy pop up all the time in discussions about favorite ROs or characters. Maybe they’re not people’s first pick, but Ecstasy has definitely garnered a following of their own (one well earned, because they’re so sweet).

However, I agree that the story is probably pretty underrated. I don’t think it can be understated how difficult it is to convey an idea to a reader when they have no experience with how things work in your universe; Slammed is about wrestling, but I think a good chunk of the people who play it (myself included) know little to nothing about the minutiae of wrestling, both as a sport and an entertainment business. I think the fact that the author could write a story that—to me at least—felt not just natural, but genuinely moving at times, is a testament to how well written it is; for me, it’s less a story about wrestling, and more just a story about people, because you can stop thinking about the numbers behind your skills, your ranking, even the hidden numbers behind your relationships, and focus on the dialogue and authentic characterization gifted to you.

Ok… I have lots of feelings about Slammed too


Forgive my ignorance…is E.Ecstasy the name of the game…Appreciate any link if available

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The game in question is SLAMMED! E.Ecstasy is one of three ROs in the game.

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Thank you. It has been on my wishlist for a while. Will try


Grand Academy for Future Villains is my everything

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For me it’s Fool!.
I absolutely loved the humor of the game and it’s very well written.


I seriously under-appreciated just how great A Wise Use of Time was when it first released.

Replaying it again years later has been nothing but a fond experience. I love the premise, the urban setting, the interesting characters with whom you can interact in different ways, the moral choices that define your MC and the awesome side quests.

The game has a bit of everything tied in a neat bow.

Barnabus is quite an intriguing antagonist that really stands out - I wrongly dismissed him as just a crazy killer blindly obsessed with the MC but now quite enjoy his more cultured aspect that gives him a creepy charm and even a layer of humanity. He can be genuinely scary but also weirdly friendly at the same time, this duality does a fantastic job at enhancing his overall menace.


When it comes to CoG, Midsummer Night’s Choice. That game was just a ton of fun and also hilarious. It was the perfect amount of absurd while also being grounded enough to keep me invested in the plot and characters. I also loved all the little Shakespearean references that were sprinkled in there.

As for HG, it’s definitely Tin Star. I know Tin Star is one of the more well-known when it comes to underrated HGs, but still, it deserves more recognition. The amount of detail that went into that game is just insane, even some of the choices that seemed insignificant had payoff. None of the choices feel pointless and I love the individual epilogues each character gets, and how they change drastically depending on your choices and relationship with them.


I wouldn’t call Tin Star underrated…

It’s perhaps the highest rated HG title of all-time. And deservedly so.