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This is not what happens. The Black Spiral Dancers aren’t interested in destroying humanity, they want to destroy Gaia, and their only interest in humanity at all is as part of existence, and, potentially, how they can manipulate them to help them destroy Gaia.

The point of

Breaker-of-Wings blasting the space program wasn’t to kill humanity, it’s to prevent any echo of Gaia escaping Earth - they’re ALSO pissed with humanity sending radio signals to outer space, even though that affects humanity’s survival not one whit. But it DOES risk throwing a bit of Gaia out there, where they can’t reach it

(ironically, if the radio signals DO throw a bit of Gaia out there, the BSDs’ plan is completely fucked, because they have no way to hunt it down, because SOMEONE blew up the space program. Congratulations on playing yourselves, clowns)


‘Destroying Gaia’ by killing radio signals is an esoteric and abstract villain plot which completely lacks the emotional impact of destroying humanity/the world, or preventing the Garou/human ingenuity from preserving same, or the pettiest real tragedy covered in stronger passages of the story. That was my point; I’m a human living on Earth, I’m principally worried about humanity and the Earth.

Then it’s a good thing that Breaker-of-Wings’s plot is presented only as background and it affects this game in basically no way other than “and this is how Eater-of-Names got his armour”.


Hmmm. So Eater of Names is a spiral dancer even if I avoided most of the reading on purpose but still got that?

Not covering spoilers well enough if trying to avoid spoilers. Knowing them its hard not to know.