We are looking for a person who play games a lot for proofreading

So we come from China, and we are running some mobile games in different languages. And we meet some problems and come here ask for help.
We want to our game more native acceptable, so we looking for some native speaker who play games a lot and experienced in writing.

  • Is it free to proofread and play our new game?
    No, if you proofread, we pay. you play a lot, we give you extra money.

All we need is some guys who can improve our game projects and love games.
It is really thanks if you know more guys like that, and tell us.

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This is for choicescript games correct?

No, it’s our project. Locate in Beijing, China.

I’d be willing to help out.

I have changed guy in your title to person. Guy generally means male, and I’d hope that you’re not looking for only male proofreaders.

I have also moved this to the professional services category since you are offering to pay for proofreaders.


What type of games? Stories similar to choice of games?

Most likely things like Mobile Strike or FarmVille-ish games.

Any experience you can tell about game proofreading?

Thanks~ I’d like to find someone who can do this, both male and female are good for me.

What pay are you offering? What are some of your games?

Not in game proofreading. I do hold a degree in English specializing in publishing studies. In my current occupation, I often spend the day keeping my eye on the detail in the texts I enter in our database.

Shore I could help out

Ummm, I wouldn’t use this person for English proofreading :expressionless: lol


I could help proofread if you need anyone else

We offer 60CNY-80CNY per thousand words depends on difficulty of game texts, and we have plenty of games.

Sure ~ how is your proofreading works before and game experience?

hi, im new here, but ill play a lot, also i love to write, and im trying to wirte a book with the choicescript.
pm me if need info, but im interested in trying differente games.

I’m interested.:slight_smile: English isn’t my first language, but it’s close enough to my first one that it might as well be. Tldr; I’m fluent. I’ve also played plenty of games before choice of games, and otherwise. It’s my hobby.

That said, I can’t code or do any programming stuff, but I can help out with proofreading.

What kind of project are we talking about? You might want to give more details in your opening post btw.

Hi I got a doubt ,what do you mean by native speaker are you referring to Chinese or English .If English I can help but not without knowing about the type of games you are referring to.i used to play all types of games but now a days only choice type games if they are similar then I am Willing to help.

Locking this since I presume the thread creator has already found someone.