Ways to get a current book from a word processor into a choice of games game book

So, I have a book that I have been riding for about five years on and off, that I have in Microsoft Word. I’ve decided, that I’m going to try to turn it into a choice of games game. So I do need to figure out some tweaks because there’s like 12 POV characters. Anyway, I’m not quite sure what the most efficient way to do it would be. I could always manually copy it over to the plane tax document, such as essentially rewriting the book, so I’m hoping there is a more efficient way to do it. Anyway, any thoughts?


I think you will find that you’ll need more than tweaks to do this.


also with a 12 pov character book you might be better off hopping over to inkshares and try get it published as regular novel. godspeed <3


Honestly, if you are set on making it into a story-game, I would seriously consider cutting some of those twelve P.O.V. characters if you want players to make individual choices for each of them. If you’re just planning to skip around with the narration then it’s conceivable, but getting into independent stats and choices with twelve protagonists might be more effort than it’s worth.


I was going to do something where you could make choices for… At least 2, perhaps 4, and the rest being set, just you get into their heads sometimes.
Just need to know if I would need to re-right the hole thing in a plane text format, or if there is a better way to do it. Yeah, haveing 12 P.O.V charcters, all haveing choices? Would be cool if I could pull it off, but not going to do all that. Anyway, the first book only really has 1 character that would need choices, and the second as I said, has at least 2, if not 4, maximum characters.

From a purely technical point of view, and if I understood correctly, you want to have a .txt file with the contents of your Word document? That should be very easy, you don’t need to retype it all. You should be able to do a “save as” in Microsoft Word and save a version of the document as plain text, which would give you the .txt file.

You can even use the “select all” option to copy the contents of your word and paste them into a new plain text file, though I assume you may run into more formatting issues there since you won’t be able to choose the encoding.

Yeah. pretty much. Thanks.
I was not sure if it would work since, well, formatting, but I guess it does that all automaticly. Then, all I would havve to do is make a stat_chart, and variables, which I can do fine. Cutting it into seens will be interesting, but, that’s not that big of a deal. Just a lot of selecting stuff, and time. I have both in spades currently.

Also. How do you get the plane text to open in notepad++? The little “always use this program to open” is not comeing up. I remember there being another way to do it, but forget how currently.

Depends on your OS, but if you’re on Windows 10 you can try searching for “default programs” to bring up the configuration window, and then choose by file type. Or just try right-clicking on the file and choosing “open with” and see if you can get the “always use this program” box there.

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Just to complement what @Myrtle said, if you’re using the context menu (that is, the menu that pops up when you right-click a file), you have to go to “open with”, then select “choose another app” even if the app you want to use is already listed there. Only then you’ll get prompted with “always open with this app” choice.

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