War for Magincia (WIP)

Hello everyone,

I am close to finishing my current game project, War for Magincia. It is almost in an Alpha or playable status. I am about 50% done with the game, and would really like to get some feedback.

Here is a brief description of the game:

The game is a Medieval War simulator that takes place before the events of the Great Tournament. You can use war, diplomacy, and intrigue to help your faction grow and eventually reach the ultimate goal of being King or Queen of Magincia. The game will have a complex, yet easy to use Combat and Diplomacy system. There is also economy, trade, faction relations, and other variables that highly affect your gameplay. You will be able to upgrade villages, make important decisions to either help or hurt your faction, affect your internal economy, increase defenses, train troops, and much more. The game is very open ended, and essentially many of the goals are set by yourself, however, there will be certain high level goals for each chapter.

Stage 1 (Current Stage): Sign up Alpha Testers

If you think you would be interested in playing this Medieval War/Diplomacy simulator and feel that you could provide constructive feedback please sign up at the following link:


Stage 2: Beta Testing (A demo of the game will be released in some form to the public, it may not include all the chapters, but will allow you to get the gist of it.

Stage 3: Re-writes

Stage 4: Submission

Stage 5: Release

Also feel free to ask questions about the game…I may not answer all of them because of spoilers. Also feel free to comment if there is something really specific you would like this particular game to have.

Please Note If you are chosen to be an Alpha tester please do not post any spoilers on this post. Please message me directly instead. (Most of the selections will be random, however, I will probably manually select a few to ensure a variety of different player levels.)

Also Please Note If you haven’t gotten a response back after completing the forum please keep this in mind:

  1. I may still be developing the game and haven’t sent out the Alpha testing link yet
  2. Too many people signed up, and I can only really handle a small focus group for Alpha testing, but don’t worry you will hopefully get a chance to play during the beta.

More to hopefully follow soon. (You can see what Stage the game is in above)


– Jerieth

p.s. If people are curious what I have been working on, I have been working on this and a sci-fi game. Not sure if I will finish the sci-fi game or not, you would be amazed at how many games I have started, but not finished.

p.s.s. I really do read support emails, so if you see a bug or have a suggestion on a previously released game let me know. I literally just sent updates for TG1 and Life of a Mercenary some minutes ago based on players’ emails to Hosted Games.

Latest Update
Alpha testing is going well. We may soon be finished and may go to beta / release.


For future reference, I do believe some of the questions are a bit too repetitive in the survey/sign-up sheet.

For example, let’s look at question 6.

You have “choices affecting the games outcome” and “multiple endings” as two seperate things, yet I feel that those are two things the co-inside with one another.

This happens again with the difference between “missing variable” and “game breaking bug” in which the example you provide for the former in question 3 (an infinite loop) could easily be considered a game breaking bug.

Again, these are just things to consider the next time you find yourself needing to make another survey such as this. Wish you luck in the future.

Will there be some sort of cheat menu for testing?

You make some good points. I probably should have worded those two slightly differently, essentially what I meant is if there is a side quest that is broken, but still allows you to play the main story. Definitely will keep it in mind.

That is probably a good idea. I will have to think about how to implement it though. Perhaps add a difficulty called Testing where it allows you to have options you normally wouldn’t see.

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You can add a cheat menu from which one can manually change the stats, War of the West and Fallen Hero 2 (sort of not cheaty for fh2 since you can just change it from character creation BUT you can make your mc be ridiculously op) have it implemented. (If you want to check out the game code from their demo.)

@Jerieth Another Magincia setting?

As much i love your game, i wish you create new game with different setting this time explore other kingdom such as Brunich or Valra or Galamencia.

We have explored Magincia kingdom more than three game isn’t about time you feed us with different setting? XD

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Hmmmm… @Lucid is also doing a kingdom manager for Darcia right now, I believe. Is a crossover book between two of hosted games most popular and compatible series/universes too much to hope for?

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I completely understand that. I will probably branch out quite a bit after this release. I do have some scenes with other Kingdoms though (you can go to them for diplomacy reasons to help your faction). This one is rather different than all the previous games, since it is a Kingdom War/Diplomacy Simulator; think Civilization + D&D.

Essentially each unit type has health / damage. Some units are better against others (Spearmen against mounted units, etc.), I then calculate everything to provide causalities while also giving the player direct control over the battle. It is why I am releasing Alpha, because I want to make sure everything is balanced with the combat since that will be a big part. Right now the most difficult part I am facing is balancing the economy, your villages produce food and gold. Food is used to upkeep your troops and feed peasants, while gold is used to train more troops and purchase upgrades. I also have seasons in the game where things change and random events can occur. For Example, in Winter there isn’t much food production. Merchants also perform better if you have upgraded the marketplace and farmers have higher crop yields if you research agriculture and cultivate arable land for them to build more farms.


You know what, I actually wouldn’t be opposed to such an idea, I have thought about working with another creator, but I have never had one reach out to me. I think it would be fun. These games take a long time to develop so anyway to distribute the work accordingly would be most beneficial.


Not gonna lie the survey was sort of tricky as I’m still kinda new to being active on this forum and stuff however this seems like a good experience also I’m looking forward to this WIP :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bro i fucking love you (no homo) you always deliver quality games in 12 months or less in average, you don’t make us wait too much and you never dissapoint, honestly i think that you are a professional author, don’t limit yourself, i think you should write normal novels or some kind of professional work in writting.


Wow another great tournament saga. Cannot wait and very exciting.

I have question @Jerieth, is this game set in the far past during the war of unification of the first king ?


Correct. :grin:

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Will there be more magic?


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