Want help in choosing a title

Hey mate, I wanted a little bit of help. I am writing my first interactive book, and doing a survey to find a suitable title for the book, which would become popular among people.

The book is an urban fantasy cum horror interactive novel. The protagonist is a freelance writer, who also works as a P.I solving cases that dwells in the uncanny valley. When he accepts a missing person case, he steps into the darker corners of the unknown, and some ghosts of his past unknown to him, comes back to haunt him. Regret/guilt/remorse is a major part of the story, and drives the action of the protagonist until the end.

The titles of the book which I have thought are these:

  1. Guardian of the Green
  2. Shattering Regrets
  3. Hytestrok’s Children
  4. The Marked Child

The Guardian of the Green is the primary antagonist of our story. He means well for nature (or atleast he thinks so) and is willing to sacrifice humanity for nature.

Shattering Regrets refer to the feelings of regret which the protagonist feels throughout the entire book. It is what is shattering him, and affecting his choices until the end, finally when the protagonist shatters the same regrets and is able to move on.

Hytestrok’s Children are a cult who is helping the Guardian of the Green, and are linked to the Protagonist’s past, which he doesn’t know about.

And lastly there is the Marked Child. This refers to the protagonist himself, who unbeknowest to himself, was marked in his childhood for being a vessel for Hytestrok, the evil God the cultists worship, in the future. But there is a really big twist here, which I wouldn’t spoil.

These are the fixed points of the novel and the other materials would be customisable including gender of the main character.

Now I want you to think that you are in a bookshop, and books with these titles are in front of you. Which of these would you definitely buy, if you have the money for only one of them?

If you have any idea of your own, be sure to say.

Thank you.


Welcome to forums. :smiley:

And this one is simple.

I’d go for “Shattering Regrets.” :slight_smile:

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I’m terrible with titles myself, but I definitely wouldn’t choose #3. :thinking: I’m never drawn to titles with strange names in them: I haven’t read the book, I don’t know the lore yet, so the name means nothing to me.

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Guardian of the Green sounds better

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Welcome to the forum! I would go for “Guardian of the Green” if it weren’t the antagonist’s name (but of course, that’s just my opinion) instead… I really like Hytrestok’s Children. Add some good visuals and you got me hooked.

Also, did you know you can format this poll-style pressing




A good title only has to do one thing: it has to say what it is. For a personal example:

Fatehaven = not a good title
Samurai of Hyuga = good title

I’d say that unless you’re going for a clever oxymoron, stick to something tangible. Something real. Words like ‘detective’ or ‘specter’ for example. You want readers to know what they’re getting into just by the title alone.


I would say shattering regrets , the reason being the title is the cumulative representation of your whole journey , what we experience through the story and what we eventually overcome and triumph upon.


I would go for “guardian of the green”. Sounds good to me. “Shattering regrets” would be my last choice. It seems (to me) a bit overloaded for a title.


Titles can be as simple or complex as you like. I usually try to relate mine to a motif in the game (“Voltaic” – relating to electricity produced by chemicals; the protagonist is electrocuted and their memories change) or the main goal/concept (“Bring Us to Washington” – the game is about escaping a zombie apocalypse for a sanctuary in Washington, D.C.). They really don’t need to be complex (“The Dating Project” – you date someone and get to determine how the relationship plays out). As long as the title represents exactly what the game is about in some way, you can use it.

Untitled Goose Game is a good example. It’s a game about a goose. Simple as that.

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