Videos on How ARCANE Writes people

I randomly came across this video about How ARCANE Writes Women and found the information to be interesting plus it was nice to be able to learn more.

So I thought if I liked it maybe others on here would too and it could even be helpful to some.

Also, there is one on guys too if anyone wanted to learn more about that as well.


Great find. I’ve watched these before. They’re so interesting. Arcane is one of my favorite animated shows, and it’s definitely a prime example on how to create flawed and compelling characters.

I’m no fan of anything Silco has done, but he’s definitely up there in terms of the greatest antagonists. Having someone be evil just to be evil can get boring quickly. You can see how dangerous his methods are while completely understanding them at the same time.

With the women, you can tell they didn’t go in with the whole “create a strong female character” mess. They just wrote excellent characters who reacted according to their set personalities, their age, experiences, etc.

Definitely an amazing show all around from the characters, to juggling so many of them, to just how gorgeous it looks. More writers and artists can learn a lot from what they accomplished.