Using SCP Foundation Universe?

Would it be possible to create and publish stories in ChoiceScript which take place in the SCP Foundation Universe? I guess technically this topic could apply for all properties under the Creative Commons license as well, but I’m not sure if the same rules of not using the intellectual property of others would apply in the same ways for Creative Commons vs. standard copyrighted work.


Well SCP is not Copyrighted as of now( there is a Russian guy who actually tries to copyright it right now so we will see) but I think the rights for a published game lay with Choice so that could be a problem.
There are of course titles like “miss bennnet” which is inspired by Jane Austen’s “Pride and prejudice” so there’s that. Maybe check that and get some inspiration how you could remodel your idea ( sry if that is not you cup of tea )

Alternatively you can do a fan fiction creating a game in a similar universe

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Isn’t SCP more like fan-made eldritch wiki thing? You can’t copyright that, right? Some games in steam even feature SCPs.


Yes, that is the reason you can create and use them. But I do not know how the copyright with choice works together with that. Maybe m moderator will have an answer to that specifically.

And if you are referring to the Russian guy, yes he is a … not so nice person and he tries it anyway. Haven’t checked in a while how that is working out for him.
But I digress. I think you can write in the SCP universe. You just have to check with Choices if they will publish it.

Check this : Question about copyright ( sry no idea how to insert a topic ):sweat_smile:


I believe the SCP Foundation has a slightly different copyright? MattPat covers it in this video of his and goes into depth about it. You should probably check with a staff member to confirm however.

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Oh trust me, he’s in for a reality check.

As in for this topic’s question, I would like to present this;

SCP Licensing Guide

Hope it help!


I believe you would have to make your game free

I mean consider the scp games like blackout. They make money off the ip so that should mean there’s nothing wrong with it legal wise. It’s an interesting setting I would say go for it, as unless I’m horribly wrong there should be no legal trouble with it. At worst see if you can contact the owners of the site and see if all’s good