Using input text and checking the variable put by the player

*label input_name
What nickname would you prefer?
*input_text name
*set fighter_rep +1
*comment check capitalization
*label ask0

    Your nickname is $!{name}, is that right?

       \*set name "$!{name}"
       \*if {name} = Payback
        \*goto AlternateStoryLine1
        \*goto aftermath

The above is my code.

I want to make an easter egg feature depending on what nickname the player chooses.

Only the name “Payback” would trigger it.

However the program is trying to compare “name” with a variable Payback, instead of comparing it with the word itself.

The error is non-existant variable.

Thanks in advance for your help. I am probably missing something easy.

*if name = “Payback”

Now i feel silly i had tried *if {name} = “Payback” with no results…

Thanks alot.

If you need to check a string variable it has to be “variable”