Using images on games

Hello, i am writing a story about you being a mercenary. In some missions you have to plan before carrying out something like a killing. However it gets quite complicated to explain everything in text. I was thinking of using an image, like a blueprint to explain some positions and give the player a non-confusing interpretation of the surrounding area.

I was just wondering if this is somewhat frowned upon? I don’t see many images in COG games, so i was wondering if this is considered lazy or improper.

For example, there is the entrance to a stadium, i need to show that it is possible to ram a car that will park on the VIP carpet entrance. The image will clarify the angle of the impact, showing that ramming won’t injure press and civilians standing around, however this gets really tiresome with just text.

Other things like a hostage rescue plan might get easier to plan by showing a map of the area, possible entrances etc.

Our games are naturally accessible for visually impaired users via screenreaders, and as such I’d recommend that, if you do go the route of including images, that you also include alt tag on the image so that everyone can play the game too.

Oh i had no idea about that. What is this alt tag? It defaults to like a text explanation of the image?

You can say… alt tag is the “text version” of an image.

In some cases where the image can’t be loaded properly (i.e. Screenreader, corrupted files), the alt-text will take place of the image.

It’s like when your net goes super-lag mode, everything on your browser will become a clutterfest of text.

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