Using a Pseudonym for a WIP

Okay so i was wondering if i have to put my actual name or if i’m allowed to use my username from here as my author’s name

Hi @AsrielsBlade, do you mean what you put as your pen name for your WIP?

You do not have to publish a Hosted Game under your real name, but you will have to tell it to COG the company when you sign a contract with them (for payment and tax purposes, etc). I’m not sure if I know of anyone using a username as their pen name specifically, but I know some people use abbreviations like “Asriel B.” or “B.A. Hatter” and etc.!

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Cool thank you

Covered on the HG Submission Form:

A Note on Names: We are aware that people may use multiple names for many different reasons, and as such we don’t specifically ask for any name other than what should be use in crediting. This means that, whether someone wants to use a different name to maintain their privacy, to use the name they are in the process of changing to, or just want to use a pen name or pseudonym, that should be the name listed here (or in the *author line in the game for you, the author). (Notably, the only exception to this is that we will require a legal name for tax documents, and the contract, but outside of where legally required that will be the extent of the use of that name if it differs from the name to be credited to.)


I do, @Havenstone uses his user/pen-name /pseudonym to publish XoR, in order to distinguish it from his more academic publications, I think.

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