Upcoming Choice of Games Releases — 2023


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Vampire: The Masquerade — Out for Blood — True Faith: Released Jan 12th.
New Witch in Town: Released Jan 26th. By Grace Card. Save your magical forest, uncover old mysteries, and make new friends in this Young Adult urban fantasy game!
Crème de la Crème — A Silver Spoon: Released Feb 23rd. Cheats & Hints IAP for Crème de la Crème.
Blood Money — A Ghostly Helping Hand: Released Feb 23rd. Cheats & Hints IAP for Blood Money.
Stars Arisen: Released Mar 15th. By @abbytrevor, author of Heroes of Myth. Will you rise to the heavens when you wield the magic of fallen stars? Call lightning, ride the wind, and raise the dead in this fantasy epic!
Royal Affairs: Released Mar 30th. By @hannahps. At your exclusive boarding school, will you rule the roost or be a royal disaster? Court publicity, sway the fate of nations, and find love! Part of the “Crème de la Crème” universe.
Elite Status: Platinum Concierge : Released Jul 27th. Former working title was “Platinum Package.” In the elite world of high net-worth individuals, someone has to make the impossible happen. By Emily Short, with additional content by @HannahPS.
Top Villain: Total Domination: Released Aug 17th. How would you conquer the world? In this text-based supervillain rpg, you can vanquish your nemesis, fight heroes and villains, and find yourself!
The Bread Must Rise: Released Sep 28th. The Great Godstone Bake-off has arrived! As a hapless baker deeply in debt, you finally have the opportunity to rise to fame and fortune! Under the tutelage of famous chefs , you will learn the arts of baking, breading, and dare you whisper it…necromancy?
Escape from Death: Released Oct 12th.
Atlantis Academy: Released Nov 9th. An ancient monster returns to threaten Atlantis a second time. Can you and your friends learn enough of the sea’s magic to save the city?
Lies Under Ice : Releasing Dec 7th. By @jojo, author of Trials of the Thief-Taker. The ice moon of Europa calls. Will your base sink into ocean? Succumb to sabotage and intrigue? Or will you set the stage for humanity among the stars?
Unsupervised: In progress. By @MahatmaDagon and @Nerull. You and your friends were the sidekicks of the world’s greatest heroes. But now that they are gone, will you pick up their mantle or tarnish their legacy?
Werewolf: The Apocalypse — The Book of Hungry Names: In progress, by @moochava. Save the living earth with Rage and spirit! Awaken ancient mysteries, rebuild your fallen pack, and unleash your fearsome might to heal a shattered land.

------------In Progress---------------

Star Crystal Warriors Go!: In progress. Fight monsters with dream magic and save your city from a plague in this retro magical girl anime. Will you unlock the secrets of your mysterious dreams?
Hexfinder: In progress. By @PParrish, author of Mask of the Plague Doctor. WIP Thread.
The Ghost and the Golem: In progress, releasing Q3. Confront mystic perils and revelations, pogroms, & your own wild heart, in a Jewish historical fantasy of bandits, betrothals, klezmers, and kabbalists!
Battlemage: Magehunter: In progress, by Nic Barkdull, author of Battlemage: Magic by Mail.
Heavens’ Revolution: A Lion Among the Cypress : In progress, WIP Thread, by @behravesh. A flintlock fantasy game based in a world modeled on 18th Century Iran. Can you bend the powers of astralchemistry and negotiate the political upheavals to find freedom for yourself, your family, or your people?
Undying Fortress: In progress. By Yeonsoo Julian Kim, author of The Fog Knows Your Name. A dark epic fantasy quest through a necromancer’s fallen tower. Slay the undead with your ancestral sword, uncover the secrets of the past, and sway the fate of the empire!
Hunter: The Reckoning — The Beast of Glenkildove: In progress, by @wbrown. Full moon. Cold night. Dark shadow. Warm gun.
Bootlegger: In progress, WIP thread. As an upstart bootlegger in eastern Pennsylvania, you must deal with the mob, corrupt cops, and even Broadway stars!