Unsure how to use *choice

Btw, having all the variables as strings (“”)
might cause a problem in character development IMO. For example;

    #you train your body.
        *set strength +5

Probably wont work because its a string variable instead of a numeric one and might make it hard to code. Im not sure if you can change string variables like that and i couldnt try it as im not on PC but i think its gonna be like this. I will try it this evening and edit this post. Also i dont know if you can do *set strength “+5” for a string variable but i think it would change strength “20” to strength “+5” .

EDIT: I checked and it works perfectly well, so no problem :slight_smile:

Also please use the forum search feature to see if others have had similar problems you could learn from. (Spoilers: they have.) In particular, if you get an error message, searching or Googling for the words in your error message will often turn up helpful stuff.

That would help me, but I don’t know how to find a line number easily… Would I just have to count all the way to it? >.<
It’s number… 146, I think. Or 164.

Code using CSIDE–it should make lots of this easier, including finding line numbers and checking how your game looks as you write.


In most text editor, you can see the code line at the left-hand bar of the screen. They should look like this

1   ieeaayisaioosta
2   |t@$bkorsbkphs
3   rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

And if there’s not a number I believe crtl/cmd + L lets you search for it in most programs.