Ultimate Noob Coding


Man, both the Chronicler and CSIDE makers are on it when it comes to helping out people with their programs. No worries, I don’t know what caused it but that was a couple weeks ago, and it has yet to repeat. If it does, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Hey, guys. Kinda didn’t want to make new thread so decided to post here. How is it possible that variable like this “*set fight_ability %+10” adds 10 then in next page suddenly stat shows 20. BUT if i lower it to “*set fight_ability %+5” it doesn’t go double in next page (like instead of 5 shows 10)…this is just crazy…

*edited oh no…it doubles that +5 too…oh gee…

*edited…nevermind me…going back and forth to stat screen…increases stat…like a loop O.o…thats gamebreaking cheat! Now how make a work around for this -.-


After giving the stat increase/decrease, have a page_break. Then tell the reader their stat has increased/decreased. They will be less likely to look at the stat page until they are prompted to do so and the stat change won’t happen again after the page_break.


Thx for a great idea ^^


So I am currently writing my story/program in Notepad++ and lately I feel like I am wasting more time dealing with line spacing/tab errors than actually writing on my story. Is there a better way to do this before I contemplate messing around with .Net to suit my needs?


Umm… turn on the indentation marker?


It’s under VIEW menu, btw.

Or just use CSide

And never use Space as your indents.


Ironically enough, I have been using the indentation mark and such. (Never spacing either, figured that out real quick). I suppose I’ll check out CSide.


That’s ironic :frowning_face:


Hm, actually reminds me that Sublime has one of the coolest tools I’ve seen. You can use it to ‘capture’ the number of spaces, and convert that to tabs (and back).

Plus the auto indent indents the same as the indents you use (so if you really do prefer spaces, you can). (And even if you don’t prefer spaces, but you prefer smaller indents, you can size the indents down and I don’t have to go crazy trying to read the code.) And and and and…


@IronRaptor I use two spaces myself, because it’s easier for me to follow visually…CSIDE has a feature where you can convert all spaces to tabs, or vice versa, and set how many spaces equals one level of indentation (2, 4, 6, or 8). There’s also an auto-indent function that’s saved me a lot of time.

It ends up looking like this


I’m used to utilizing the tab button (I blame .NET). when I’m programming Auto indent has definitely helped with the “new” stuff I’m programming in. It just took a while to get my old code to cooperate.


I probably ought to use the TAB key, especially because I can hit ‘TAB’ in CSIDE and get two spaces if I want, but I always forget and mash the space bar…


I always use spaces myself and do them all by mashing. When I’m on a roll, my wife thinks I’m nuts. Either that or playing some silly game.


Nothing is more satisfying than mashing down the biggest button on the keyboard, ey? :wink:


I am glad someone else was able to use the thread to get help. Ultimate noobs unite!

How would I go about setting up a stat’s name to change based on which MC the player decided to be? Most are the same for both, but the one I have labeled as Special will change depending on who you are.


I never tried it before :thinking:
But I think it’ll be manageable as long as the stat indicated isn’t % bar

You do know that you can use code such as this

to show the PC’s stat instead of using *stat_chart, right? :wink:

Change that “your stat” into another variable.
voila :open_hands:


I don’t understand how you’re supposed to add stats into chronicler.
Chronicler is what i’m currently using for my WIP but the coding still eludes me


Alright, here’s a question. I’m wanting to make a choice where only one choice can send the player back to the top of said choice and then grayed out (as I want the stat boost to only be triggered once) What’s the proper syntax to make this happen?


Is it on stats screen or not?

If not, it’s basically the same with similar “chitchat-hub” scenarios. Just put *disable_reuse on said option.

If on the stats screen, I think it’ll be quite tricky :thinking:
Keep in mind that the change you done in the stats screen won’t be applied until you progress on the actual story.


Nope, not on stats screen. So it would be:

*label test
Text here
Text here
(disable reuse here)
*goto test

(Bloody formatting)