Two New Hosted Games! "Donor" and "Fifty"

So the only actual way to proceed is to not commit to anything???


Some stats are safe, but generally the idea is to keep the character balanced and to avoid extremes, yes. :slight_smile:

I see. Well I wont continue this one then unfortunately. I enjoy the setting and the characters are fun but juggling with stats isnt really my type of gameplay, it breaks immersion too much to feel like I dont have any choice regarding certain things like that. Hope u got good sales tho its always good to have new writers.


Fair enough, my intent was to make the stats feel meaningful and have consequences. For the most part, there isn’t a penalty for having a preference for one stat or another, but in a few instances some stats can be deadly.

Thanks! :slight_smile: I don’t know if I can qualify as a new writer anymore since this is my second HG, but I appreciate the feedback!


Fifty is an interesting game. As far as I know, it’s the only published game that uses *check_achievements to actually determine the primary outcome of the story, thus necessitating multiple playthroughs to get “good” endings. Or am I wrong and there are others?

Here’s a guide to getting Utah’s endings on Fifty (Kansas’s endings follow mostly the same choices until the end). There might be some inaccuracies with the death markers:

Guide to Utah's bad/good endings - Spoilers

Chapter 1.

  1. Gender choice
  2. I have to find them!
  3. I help him out.
  4. I jump over the large rocks (instant death)
  5. I’m done looking around
  6. I follow Virge (Authority) OR I take the other path (Rebellion)
  7. I proceed forward. (Death)
  8. I take a seat next to Utah.
  9. The situation is dire, but I’m sure…

Chapter 2.

  1. Go with Virge.
  2. I stay in the barracks (raise rebellion) (OR I go with them (raise authority))
  3. If going with them: Doesn’t matter, If this is the only way, so be it.
  4. I grab them and take them with me.
  5. Run to the ocean! (Death)
  6. I let it slide.
  7. I don’t know you well, but…
  8. I follow Utah and Virge
  9. Look around for a key.
  10. Don’t take a gun.
  11. No thanks! (Death)
  12. I check up on Utah.
  13. I’m staying hopeful.

Chapter 3.

  1. I’m holding up
  2. Sure
  3. Zodiac sign: idk (Virgo)
  4. Blood type: idk (O)
  5. Cats or dogs (doesn’t matter)
  6. I…
  7. I will go north.
  8. Hide behind the rocks! (Death)
  9. There’s gotta be a way to run past it! (Death)
  10. I slow down cautiously like Utah. (Death)
  11. I convince her to turn back. (Death)
  12. I speak to Utah.
  13. No, it’s too late for them. (Death)

Chapter 4.

  1. Look at everything, and then go to the ship.
  2. I go with Illinois.
  3. Follow Washington through the hallway. (Death)
  4. Try to reason with him.
  5. I spend the night with Utah.

Chapter 5

  1. I find a modicum of hope and get up.
  2. I follow Utah.
  3. Check everything.
  4. Speak to the man. On the second play through, Wait a second…
  5. Ask all the questions, check all the things.

This gets Utah’s bad ending! To see the good ending, go through everything here again and make the same choices, until the last scene. Reaching Utah’s bad ending is required for getting all of the other good endings.

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