Twisted Gold (WIP) [Chapter 2 1/1/2023]

Bugs fixed, just forgot to *set the variables lol

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I think the longest pages are the one with the explanation on craft (the MC explaining it to Rory), and the first fight scene in chapter 2, which starts with: “Without a second of hesitation, you shoot forward, slamming bodily into them before they can even bring that club back up.” Anyways, I’m enjoying your story so far :)!

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Cool update, didn’t realize it’s been a year since last time

Found some kinda loop bug by the way :
After you leave Sifton and make camp, if you choose to investigate the campfire, then choosing to take the sword instead of getting to the others, and then choosing whichever between aggressive and defensive, at the end of the page, it goes several pages back to the choice of Lyle’s gender.

And even if I go over it all again and make the same choices, it simply loops again

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Strange, I’ll fix that right away. :: fixed

I’ll work on cutting those up a bit. Thanks!

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It actually still does that.

Also it seems like if you investigate the fire, and choose to run back then afterwards the game seems to switch to assuming they had all been with you from the beginning?

Or at least I would assume that MC would give them a serious talking to or confront them on it, but when you set up camp afterwards Rory just says that they should join up with a caravan and that seems to be it.

This is very good. The magic in this world is the most interesting, and the characters are so far really likable. Not Eloi though, i mean, they tried to end the game early by ending us lmao. I’m curious what you’ll do to redeem this poor bastard. I do feel “maybe we’re not so different after all” vibes from them.

The random eclipse is a curious novelty despite my annoying brain trying to make sense of it. That bandit leader scene is badass.

So far the calasso is really the best companion, lol. Ditching the pyromaniac siblings was worth it just to have some quality time with this surprisingly cute beast.

Well, Idk if someone has pointed these out before, and honestly I’m too lazy to look. So here goes anyway.

There’s this sentence:
“You let your lips turn up in an amused smile, leaning back comfortably in your seat. You let your lips turn up in an amused smile, leaning back comfortably in your seat.”

And I also found a bug. Following the option to go continue alone, right after choosing Lyle’s gender (doesn’t matter wich) there is kind of a loop where more or less the same scenes are replayed, including the gender selection menu at the end (after choosing here the game continue normally). It doesn’t happens when traveling with the siblings.

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Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate them.

I know nothing about astronomy so I haven’t got a real reason for the randomness of the eclipse unfortunately.

I’ll fix the double sentence real fast, and try to fix the loop bug again q.q


I really enjoyed it! I love the vibe of being on a journey and meeting/reuniting wih ros. And the writings really good.


Against the rules to ask such but last heard yes

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So the authors tumbler is probably the best place to ask and look for this type of stuff. But last i checked there was a pretty big bug that they were stumpted about and was working on back in August

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This scene was shown two times, before and during the fight. Also I hope you’re okay, author<3
Edit: Nevermind, when I pick a specific set of choices (Or maybe just the you ‘need your daggers’ choice?), the same scene keeps on looping?? Is that intentional???