Trying to make a shortcut for flavor text [resolved]

Okay, so I’m trying to snip down some of the empty/redundant code that I have floating around in my game. I want to make a certain passage of text appear when a player clicks a choice. I’ll just call it *convo_1.

Every time I call on the variable, it will display the passage that it’s tied to.

Yet I can’t seem to do this correctly myself- I’ve tried setting the variables as booleans, but in the end I just make Moreno work for myself. I’ve been debating whether I should just insert the paragraph Choice by choice.

Here’s a snippet of my code:

*set questions 0
*Label start_convo
*disable_reuse # "How are you doing today?"
*if questions = 0
*goto startconvo

So as you can probably tell, there are going to be a lot of *if and *elseif statements, and putting in a massive amount of words would just confound me when I go back and try to edit. Is there any way to make this more organized?

Thanks in advance!

So it looks like you’re making an #option a single line. Don’t do that. Each option has to be part of a *choice. If you’re reusing the option a lot create the option like normal, than have that *gosub to a label. If you want to turn the option of, then link it to a variable e.g.:

*comment either a permanent or temp variable
*create can_ask_how_are_you true
    *if (can_ask_how_are_you) #"How are you doing?"
        *comment repeat this option wherever you need it
        *gosub startconvo
        *comment or *goto depending on your strucutre
*comment at the bottom of the scene
*label startconvo
blah blah blah

I tend to avoid things that I’m not comfortable with(in this case, *gosubs) like the plague. The problem is that these set of choices run on a sort of maximum- you can only choose 3 out of 5 before it moves to the next scene. That, and trying to link a finishing paragraph which would string everything together is just way out there for me.

I tend to stumble through my coding process. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Though this is going to make editing a little bit tedious…:weary:

Anyways, thanks for the help.