Trust level page

I feel a few updates are necessary to the trust levels page at User Trust Levels

It says that you can upload images at basic but you can’t post images at basic and have to wait till you are member.
It says that you are able to send dms at member but you can send dms even at basic

I hope the @moderators can help with this

Are you pinging moderators because you specifically cannot access these features?

No when I asked my doubts to @Myrtle she (sorry if I am wrong about your gender) told me to make a topic here and even if my first suggestion is unique to me the second one is not

I will bring up your concerns to the other moderators. Until then I do not want to go changing old meta posts since I can’t verify if Basic users can’t do what the meta thread says they can do since I have moderator status.

Is there anything else?

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No there are no other problems I encountered

I am sorry there is another problem

When we are level 0 then we cannot post any pictures

Can you clarify what the problem is? Giving me a screenshot with no context is not helpful for me to understand what problem you are referring to.

I mentioned the problem at the bottom

I will bring this up to the other mods.

Okay thanks

Moderators are unable to see the actual settings given to each trust level, so we’re waiting on staff to get back to us. If there are any differences between the settings and what is said in the thread, then we will update the thread, but if there aren’t any differences, then the thread will remain as is. This is because there are a number of bugs in the forum’s software that can mess with permissions and it would be extremely difficult for us to identify and verify all of these bugs, especially if they don’t happen consistently.

In the meantime, please be patient. We will respond to this only after we have an answer.


do you have any idea how much time that may take?

As stated by Rose, please be patient. She’ll get back to you as quick as possible