Suggestion for message displayed to basic users when trying to post an attachment

So when I was a basic user, I’m generally a shy person when it comes to interacting with new people, so I wasn’t much active during the first month or two when I joined. I was just going through WiP’s and getting a feel of how to forum works. Then, one day, I wanted to share an error in one of the WiP’s which other users didn’t notice by then.

But when I tried to attach a screenshot, the message saying something similar to ‘Sorry, cannot embed media in post’ popped up. I didn’t understand why this was happening. Thankfully, one of the moderators explained to me what happened.

After that, I got a bit more open and posted here and there where I believed I could chime in, and my trust level got promoted. Still, as I scrolled through various other posts in various topics, I found several new users facing my same situation.

So, instead of saying something like ‘Sorry, can’t embed media’ I think it would be helpful if the message states that the user hasn’t yet achieved the required trust level, and then display a link to the post explaining the various trust levels.

Sorry for such a long post :sweat_smile:


You make a great suggestion, but AFAIK, the messages of that nature are controlled by the Discourse people (the makers of our forum software).

Unfortunately the mods often have to fill in to the best of our abilities in situations like this.

With that said, we moderators can write a “canned” reply that does the following:

Do you have any suggestions on what to put in our reply that a shy user, such as yourself, would not find intimidating or stand-offish … sometimes extroverts like myself do not phrase things well



I don’t want to voice over @UnknownCharacter but I surely am one of those shy users. This is what I came up with, not offended if you don’t use it though, I’ll just leave it here.

Hello! We really want to hear what you have to say, but unfortunately your user level is not enough for what you are trying to do now, this can be easily fixed though, follow the link and learn how.


I’d completely agree with the message what @Loudbeat said. That way, new users also feel welcomed and get an opinion that this community is truly welcoming, while at the same time getting to learn how the forum works :smiley:

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