Trouble with Stats Screen (RESOLVED)

I am currently writing my first interactive fiction novel, and am having a few issues with the stats screen. I hope to get it resolved before I open beta testing.
The image should be pretty self explanatory. I created the variable (Kioko), and typed it the exact same way as the other variables seen–in the stats screen as well as startup.
Also, so I don’t have to make a separate topic (I hope this isn’t against some rule I don’t know about?), do I have the copy and paste the variables etc I created in startup when I make a different scene?
Thanks so much in advance!

Copy and past the code you’re using (and add three tildes, that is ```, above and below it to save indentation).

My best guess based on this image would be that you have “Kioko” instead of “50” in your start up page.

(Hope I did the tildes thing right…)
On startup:

*create Cadence 50
*create Carris 50
*create Quinn 50
*create Kioko 50

On stats page:

    percent Kioko
    percent Cadence
    percent Carris
    percent Quinn

No errors came up during quicktesting, randomtesting, or simple play-throughs.

Nope, I checked it :frowning: posted the code up above

I’d check your code somewhere else. I ran exactly what you posted in a little test run and this is what showed up.


It might be further along in the code or somewhere before it. For now this is the exact code I used.

Stats screen

  percent Kioko
  percent Cadence
  percent Carris
  percent Quinn

In the start up


*create Kioko "50"
*create Cadence "50"
*create Carris "50"
*create Quinn "50"

*goto_scene ending

I’m not sure how to explain it, as I’m not an expert, but the *scene_list acts as a memory slot thing, so all of your scenes work in tandem.

All your stats will be remembered throughout the other scenes.

So no, you don’t have to copy paste them every scene.

Hmm, maybe I need quotes?
Thanks so much!!!
Edit: Nope… maybe it’s an issue with CSIDE or my computer?? Not sure

Pm me your startup code. The entire thing

Found the problem! I took a look at your demo files just now and

*create kioko "Kioko"
*create boyfriend "boyfriend"
*create kioko_male "male"
*create kioko_he "he"
*create kioko_him "him"
*create kioko_his "his"
*create kioko_sir "sir"
*create kioko_mister "mister"

Just above *create boyfriend you have *create kioko “kioko”. Removing the line should fix it.

That’s what I was looking for. I can’t look at the code as I’m on my phone.

You already have Kioko so you don’t need another one. The only time you would have the code like that is if you have a rep for the name so the player can’t see their true name.

So like

*set ${Erlandrep} "Erland"

That’s one of the times you’d set a name to a variable.


Woooo, thank you SO much!!! Gonna apply this ASAP. You’re a lifesaver! Thanks to everyone for their time :slight_smile:

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