Trickiest Romances

Coming off of a play through of Congress Wolf (Lefty won, werewolf rights bill passed, engaged to Jude), and my GOD, did it take an inordinate amount of replaying in order to do it.

The hardest part for me was figuring out how to navigate my own relationship in that game. One wrong move and the MC and their LI are blowing up at each other and ending things on sour notes.

So! I was wondering-- which romance from which game did you all have the most trouble with?

Aside from Jude’s, I would also mention Commandant Camille Hawkins, from Mecha Ace.I didn’t have to hit replay as many times, but it was still a puzzle for early me to figure out what kind of person they were interested in. :slight_smile:


The Sovereign in Affairs of the Court. Dear God, the amount of times I restarted from a checkpoint is unreal.

That said, the trickiest romance to pull off for me is from a WIP: Keeper of the Sun and Moon. Specifically, Yakov, who requires you to push away Astrid at first in order to start properly interacting with him. I managed to get literally everyone else – including Cressida, Cyrus, and Seraphina – except him

My genral rule for relationships in games is not to force it, answer however my character would to at the time, reactions to that usually lead me to my LI in games

Oh man, the number of hoops you had to jump… personally, I had to give up and go with Mendoza. Or Vega, lol.

Haven’t played that WIP, is it any good?

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I know, right? The biggest thing, though, is actually maintaining that relationship. #IberianRoyalConsortProblems

As for Keeper of the Sun and Moon: Rather nice example of the whole “magic school” genre, with a few conspiracies sprinkled in or extra flavor. Romance is definitely not a focus, but all the other aspects gel very well.

I don’t think I ever actually saw the relationship to the end, even. I always have to give up and rebel at the last moment, for the kids and all. LOL!

Huh! Sounds right up my alley, I might just give that a shot. :slight_smile:

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I would think the trickiest Romance would be Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP], the Romance with Princess Sophia, basically my main character had married a wife that view me as enemy and hated us in the first place , even though i chose to respect her and even slept in separate room … the romance interaction with Sophia will be difficult and trickiest… even if i finally manage to gain Sophia’s love, one political maneuver from either my father or my mother will ruin everything… How can i even save Sophia if my father , the King order her execution ? It is almost impossible to escort her all the way back to her Kingdom , although since i am playing as a Mage, perhaps i can teleport her back safely … but even so, her people in her kingdom won’t accept my character , basically the Romance with Sophia is destined for a Tragic End :frowning:

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Haze in Tally Ho has to be right up there. The conversation at the Roman wall, in particular, is just a minefield. I’ve done it close to a dozen times and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten through it without losing a big chunk of affection.


Really? I thought Hawkins was pretty straight forward. They all bur announce their values in their conversations between fights.

Personally, I found the romances in The Superlatives to be iffy simply because it felt like once you were on the track you always needed to prioritize them to continue them, sometimes forcing you to go against character for outcome’s sake.

Also the romance in Sabres of Infinity. Just finding it is a chore.

What about the bromance between MC and Elson?

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Mind you I was younger and might not have been paying as much attention as I should have been back when I first played Mecha Ace, hahah. I still need to replay it one of these days to see if I can still see that romance to its conclusion like I was able to do last time.

Oh man though. There’s romance in Sabres of Infinity? Holy carp.

I would say that other than the presence of magic, it has much more of a Realist or Existentialist bent.

Oh, you mean actual romantic interests? In the first game? That’s a thing?

No. I was being cruel.

I’m ready to get flagged.

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You dastard and man of low birth! This calls for satisfaction.

Hammers at dawn. Coin toss determines first swing.


I’ll act as witness to this duel.

Whew! Tell me about it! I managed to leave intact thou, I love haze and won’t mind going through any minefields lol

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You can add sarcastic emojis to your posts to help people realize your tone … just saying :woman_shrugging:

Also, flag? Should I be looking to flag a post? :wink:

No roleplay outside of RP threads. :roll_eyes:


It wasn’t RP, it was a joke, don’t worry.

Although I did derail the thread with my joke, so I apologize.

Back on topic. Tricky romances… I second the post on Superlatives. Having to cater to the interests of your RO, in spite of both your character and common sense, is never a good thing. And, well… Haze is difficult, in more ways than one.

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I haven’t had the chance to play through the Superlatives, but what I did read, I remember liking.

Still, if what everyone’s saying is true, that you kinda alienate some characters by siding with others, that just makes me think of… which game was that? Reckless Space Pirates? I didn’t care for that one that much. :S

With regards to Superlatives, there’s three romances. Two of them are more or less ‘ordinary’ people with more or less ‘ordinary’ lives. To begin or continue their romances you sometimes have to forego doing something outwardly more heroic. Which is hard to do if you imagine your character as the dutifully heroic sort.

With its huge cast and constantly limited options you’ll probably need to compromise on which characters you want the best relationship with anyway. It might be possible to juggle them all but I usually end up with a few NPCs I don’t have a good relationship with.