Trickiest Romances


Camille Hawkins from Mecha Ace. Deeply difficult, richly rewarding.


Frankincense from Tally Ho for sure. Man, that was so, so difficult! Each time I tried to set Rory and them apart, things went exactly in the opposite direction. I almost gave up on him, but it’s still one of my favorite HG exactly because of how complex and immersive it is.


I know it’s selfish but I do take a bit of pride in friends who know the ‘guide’ for some of the romances in my game despairing over

romancing Heatstroke if you or your kid is a cryokinetic. Or romancing Francis if the kid is a chlorokinetic (plants). Not to mention unlocking and romancing the secret ROs…

evil cackle


I’m the Heros games, I was actually disappointed how obvious it was to push a romance, or salvage one. So many opportunities with little consequence, and not too many options.

Make everyone romancable? Maybe not grandma?


Not gonna lie, that sounds hella interesting, even if I have no idea what that is, lol!

Also. Unrelated but in one of my previous posts I mentioned I didn’t care for Reckless Space Pirates because the relationships you have to characters are always connected to someone else. I was totally wrong, I believe I was talking about the other pirates game. Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck. That’s the one I was thinking of.

Reckless is actually pretty fun for a short romp.


The game is ‘Curious Cuisine’, a chlorokinetic is a plant manipulator, and cryokinetic one for ice :slight_smile:


Mayor Cos in Choice of Magics is so damn finicky… I swear I had to restart over and over just to make it through the dance and subsequent board game date without that dreaded “Decreased Cos Relationship.” GDI Cos, if you weren’t so dorkily adorable…


I differentiate tricky romances and stat/alignment/whatever locked-out ones. Because tricky ones you can get on any MC, given enough effort, but locked-out ones are just that. Lockouts. People already mentioned Hawkins. Not warlike enough? No sell. Or Lyall from “Avatar of the Wolf”. Not selfish/action-oriented enough? Don’t have enough affinity with him (which you raise, again, by being selfish or/and proactive)? You don’t get propositioned, and that’s it. So I don’t count these as “tricky”. You just need a different MC for them. (No big deal, right? Right). :roll_eyes:
Now, tricky. I have to meta in order to determine those. Threesome positive resolution in “Hollywood visionary” and “Choice of the pirate”, perhaps? Just because there are more people involved? (Probably the same with “Choice of the Petal Throne”, if you want to marry all of the available RO’s - they all have to survive till the end, for starters, and that alone is tricky enough. And there are also relationship values to take into account).
The beginning of Preston romance in “Tin Star”. It takes specific choices to get it right. Then it’s easy.
Finch from “Choice by gaslight” is tricky because of story branching - there is only one branch near the end there you reunite and live happily ever after. Other branches have you broken up or worse.