Trickiest Romances


Camille Hawkins from Mecha Ace. Deeply difficult, richly rewarding.


Frankincense from Tally Ho for sure. Man, that was so, so difficult! Each time I tried to set Rory and them apart, things went exactly in the opposite direction. I almost gave up on him, but it’s still one of my favorite HG exactly because of how complex and immersive it is.


I know it’s selfish but I do take a bit of pride in friends who know the ‘guide’ for some of the romances in my game despairing over

romancing Heatstroke if you or your kid is a cryokinetic. Or romancing Francis if the kid is a chlorokinetic (plants). Not to mention unlocking and romancing the secret ROs…

evil cackle


I’m the Heros games, I was actually disappointed how obvious it was to push a romance, or salvage one. So many opportunities with little consequence, and not too many options.

Make everyone romancable? Maybe not grandma?


Not gonna lie, that sounds hella interesting, even if I have no idea what that is, lol!

Also. Unrelated but in one of my previous posts I mentioned I didn’t care for Reckless Space Pirates because the relationships you have to characters are always connected to someone else. I was totally wrong, I believe I was talking about the other pirates game. Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck. That’s the one I was thinking of.

Reckless is actually pretty fun for a short romp.


The game is ‘Curious Cuisine’, a chlorokinetic is a plant manipulator, and cryokinetic one for ice :slight_smile: