[Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor

@rvd249 Chronicler is open source and anyone who wants to help with development can send me a PM and I’ll get them setup with the development tools and the list of todos. :smiley:

edit: it would be very helpful if they were already familiar with React and/or the Meteor framework.

@BenSeawalker Hello! I had downloaded and extracted the zip file from the link mentioned at the top for windows but for some reason the exe file for chronicler next simply does not open anything. I have tried opening it as admin, using compatibility mode for other windows version but still no luck. Can you please help me out with it?

@RKM I apologize for the delay in response. I took a hiatus on the project and haven’t checked on this forum in forever. My PC actually died awhile back and I recently got it going again. I’m in the process of reinstalling all my development tools now so fingers crossed everything still works.

I honestly have no clue what the issue might be. Does it show up in task manager or on your start bar?
If it shows up on the start bar make sure you have it selected then press “Alt+Space” then “M” then either the Left or Right Arrow key. That will snap the window to your mouse and you can move it back onto your screen. It’s possible it’s opening off screen especially if you use multiple monitors or a projector sometimes.

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I’m looking forwards to the newest update, This is really the only thing i’m interested in on this forum.


@BenSeawalker I hope development is continuing on Chronicler. For someone who does not know how to code at all, this tool looks like an must-have.

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I’m not sure why this happened, but I’ve suddenly been unable to test my games within Chronicler. I’m getting this every time I go to Play

I reinstalled the Choicescript master and have the directory set to it, but I’m still getting the same error

(My font is set to comic sans because my life is an active act of rebellion against God)

just make sure you have a backup of everything

I know it’s been like 30 years but the problem is you have the wrong choicescript folder, im not really sure what you did to it but the original “choicescript-autobalance” folder should be selected in the choicescript directory browser in Chronicler’s settings. I’ve had this problem too and choicescript-master didn’t work for me, only the autobalance version.


I am using CSide, but I am wanting to work with a branching mapper for conversations, plot branches, and quests. I was reading that Chronicler would be useful in this. I see that people are talking about updates to this. Is there a stable version of Chronicler at this time that would help me, or is it at a point where I should use another software? BTW, I think it is great that you, @BenSeawalker, have created and are still working on Chronicler for the community.