Too much recursion- random test error

Hi everyone,
I’m getting an error in random test I haven’t seen before and can’t work out what it means. Can anyone help?
(Quick test passes, just random test that’s unhappy). I thought it should have been a pretty standard choice with in a choice. (summarised below )

  #option 1
      #Isn't it....
        text and goto
        text and goto

part3road *choice 98#2 (line 128) #“Fine. You have five grapes,” you respond, frustration growing.
too much recursion

(This is the exact text on line 128 (with added spaces to see i code):# “Fine. You have five [i ]grapes,”[/i ] you respond, frustration growing.)

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Do you have the complete Choice body to post? The actual line cited as been off for me quite a bit at times. I’ve seen it off by more then 10 lines in multiple - embedded choices before …


IIRC, I also had this bug before.

But I never do quicktest, so that time, I went into the entire draft manually. Found out there was an infini-loop :'D

Maybe try to check the choice body if there’s infini-loop.


Thanks for the help!

@Szaal As far as I can tell, there, shouldn’t be an infini-loop. They both go to a hall label which is a different part of the story

@Eiwynn Here you go :slight_smile:

	#Bring your ruler down on the table to get his attention back. It's likely little else will break through his daydreaming. 
		The ruler hits the wooden table with a sharp [i]Thwack![/i] Rouvin startles, sending the toy horses scattering across the table. 
		"As I was saying. You have [i]five[/i] apples." Leaning across, you move the beads on the abicus into place. 
		"I don't even like apples," the boy whinges. "They taste bad. Grapes are much better."
			#"Isn't it a good thing we're going to sell them then?" you reply, voice strained. 
				*set tutortype "apples"
				The boy leans back on his stool with a scowl. 
				"So... about those five apples."
				"I already told you I don't want them," the boy snaps on the verge of another temper tantrum. 
				"Alright. Well that's good because since you don't want them any more, now you're going to give all five of them to me. How many do you have left?"
				"No..." You take a composing breath, pointing to the beads on the abicus. "Remember you [i]had[/i] five. But then, you give [i]me[/i] five. So how many are left in your store?"
				"Fifty grapes."
				The headache is getting worse. You can feel a throbbing at your temples now. 
				"Rouvin this is really quite simple. Forget about the grapes. There are no grapes only apples."
				"Why not?" he grouches. "The shops in the square always have grapes [i]and[/i] apples."
				*goto hall
			#"Fine. You have five [i]grapes,"[/i] you respond, frustration growing. 
				*set tutortype "grapes"
				"...And then, you give two of them to me." You slide two counters across. 
				"No I don't," Rouvin grouches. 
				"What?" The headache is spreading towards your temples.
				"I'm not going to give you any. I like grapes and you didn't ask nicely."
				"Rouvin..." you warn.
				"Besides," he continues unabashed, flicking the beads of the abicus. "These look noting like grapes. Grapes are purple... or maybe green. These are orange."
				*goto hall
	#Try changing the subject a little. Perhaps you can get his interest back somehow. 
		"Ok Rouvin, lets try something different. You have five [i]horses..."[/i]

Oh…I understand now, Thanks @Szaal and @Eiwynn !

Together with powers combined, you’ve just let me work out the problem.
The random test is out because it’s actually a problem with the goto scene on the next chapter which I’ve accidently redirected back to the top of that page causing a loop and not on the part3 file at all. (Should’ve run the full text random text to see where it was getting stuck in the first place).