To Rule (WIP) A game about learning to

Hey guys. Been a bit busy lately. However, I got a bunch knocked out today. I’m approximately 1/3rd of the way done. With something like 4-5 “chapters” knocked out. I figure it should be done in a month(ish), if I can keep up the motivation and inspiration. Anyone wanna direct me to how I upload a demo?

Demo? (Minimum characters required)

Yes… Someone (Wolfsra, specifically), said I should upload a demo, and he was a little concerned I didn’t have one yet. So I’m looking for some instruction on how to put out a demo of my first few chapters.

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Someone help him please !!!

Ok, i’m not sure how to get it working from the link. It works just fine in my browser though. Hopefully one of you guys can tell me what’s going on.

I can’t stop myself from noticing that you used the sample choice from the choicescript tutorial to start your game.

Your version

Are you sure that the CoG staff is okay with it? I don’t know if this breaks any rules or something, but it is worth mentioning.

Not a clue? I hadn’t really even noticed it. I kinda flew through the first part playing with the script, trying to figure out what the commands are supposed to look like, and moved on. Guess I really should have fixed that placeholder stuff. But meh? Somthing to fix when I do my first editing action, I suppose. Thanks for the notes!

If you want to get the game to open directly from the browser you need to compile the game with the compile file found in the choicescript folder. Then just post the link and replace the www by dl and change dropbox to dropboxusercontent. That should work.

I would remove that current link then check this post out. It has instructions on how to compile and post a working link of your WIP. :ok_hand:

is it just me, but clicking the link gives me this:


Did you compile the game?

Crazy day at work today. Yeah. I followed the instructions on that link, downloaded and saved the file, then uploaded that file to Dropbox, and changed the link where appropriate. Not sure what the deal is. I’m taking a late lunch now, so I’ll try to figure it out over the next hour.

Sorry guys. Just got home. I couldn’t figure out the link issue over lunch. Worse comes to worse I’ll look into it this weekend.

Did you click on the compile file after you downloaded it? It’s supposed to put it together for you, then provides a link at the bottom for you to download. That file you then download is the one you upload to dropbox… strange. I didn’t I have the problem you’re having.

Can you be a girl in this game

I don’t think so.

(+20 characters)

I probably won’t play it then

That is what they said, Don’t know if it has been changed.

@silverstone I did. Compiled and downloaded the file. Then uploaded the completed file to Dropbox. The link opens fine locally. But apparently won’t open in Dropbox. I’ll have to look into it Friday evening/Saturday morning, when I’m off.

@logan_Chessar Sorry to hear that. But no, I want to tell a specific story, and in this story, love interests and the choice of sex don’t make sense.

Been a bit. Trying to keep anyone following this up to date. I spent the last 2 weeks in the field. I’ll be out of state for the next two weeks. Hopefully things will be a little calmer when I get back, so I can get something further complete on this.