The winter wolves thread

So i recently replayed a couple winter wolves games and i was wondering what others think of their games so please discuss and share your opinions about them.

Ps. Mods if a similar thread exists please tell me and I’ll close this one.


Liked Loren, tried playing another of their’s and didn’t finish it. Seemed quite boring. (Name escapes me. Something about 2 elves. Was ages ago)

I liked loren too and I’m pretty sure your talking about seasons of the wolf


yea, I only played season of the wolf and didn’t get very far because I don’t want to spend £8 just for a few extra chapters.

Seasons of the wolf was alright but i prefer Loren

Loren was quite good. They’re currently working on a second Loren game with some new characters being introduced with at least some of the old characters. Planet Stronghold wasn’t bad, either.

I wasnt aware that they were working on a sequel but I’m glad they are and i didn’t really like planet stronghold mainly because of the dialog and gameplay

Now that I look at it again, I think the second game is all different characters? There are screen shots on Twitter about it as #CursedLands

I played a lot of their games, Loren was by far one of my favourites along with PSCD(planet stronghold: colonial defence).
Seasons of the wolf and planet stronghold were pretty tough as i mostly play for the storyline and not the battles so they were a bit frustrating as their fights were very difficult.
I also thought Nicole was an amazing game when i first played it a few years ago, i liked the mystery and the characters.


The gameplay of those two were just annoying to me my main problem was the dialog because alot of the conversations seemed awkward and out of place seasons of the wolf avoided that for the most part but in planet stronghold the dialog seemed awkward and out of place all the way through the game but in Loren the characters seemed real and the conversations were well done and the combat wasnt too frustrating

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Cursed lands is a prequel set before loren, but the sequel is still in development.

That would explain the characters being different.

As for Planet Stronghold… Eh, I’m fairly easy to entertain. It doesn’t take a whole lot and I try to enjoy what I buy and not be overly critical.

I find Winter Wolves games good for casual gameplay. The fighting systems can sometimes be a pain in the beginning, but I always get pretty decent once I get use to it(saving a lot is also important).

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I usually just get upset and switch to visual novel mode after the first two or three fights :rofl:
But since planet stronghold and seasons of the wolf don’t have VN mode i didn’t bother playing them past the demo.