The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2

Independence is important for a developing young man so I will support him, but I will also let him know that if he needs anything I am always here for him…

And then I’ll make sure to check out any place he wants to live in. Make sure it meets safety standards. Meet the neighbors to make sure they’re on the up and up and if I see ONE thing wrong he is moving somewhere else because my son deserves the best.


God, can you be my mom too? :joy:


I did not expect such a…good…normal answer? I am sorta impressed, sorta confused :rofl:

You should get the mayor’s approval to adopt him…


Being a parent is a serious matter! I might be jokey-joke about how much I love my worthless, beautiful son but I will take the responsibility seriously!

I have room in my heart for all my children, I just hope you don’t mind having Douglas as a brother.


Not at all, he will be my little bro, we can look after him together.

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Hoozah! We shall be one, big happy family!


Can i be the drunk, but fun aunt that comes in once in a while with presents and great stories, but that’s secretly battling depression?


Speaking of future villains, do you think the supernatural villain in book 2 will be a violent one like Murphy? I’m actually hoping it’s a slightly different kind of antagonist like maybe it’s a night hag that feeds off people’s nightmares or a pair of faeries striking shady deals with folks.

Probably not the main villain, as I’m sure those will be after the Detective’s blood but I’d love to solve crimes of strange nature - maybe a couple of citizens go missing near an old abandoned bridge or a couple of kids swear they saw strange lights flicking in a clearance at midnight.

Can you guys tell I read all Spiderwick books as a kid? lol

So, what kind of supernaturals would you like to encounter? Besides werewolves I mean, since I know they’re a fan-favorite. :grinning:


I’m really looking forward to some kind of shape shiftier because I think there’s a lot of fun you could do with that.

Though a witch would be pretty cool as well. I wonder if they would drink the MC’s blood or use it for spells?


I truly love that idea!

Like the detective is being kept busy with ‘minor’ offensives, whilst the big bad wolf is growing more powerful still during the whole of the book and then finally at the end of book 2 they attack the detective, or kidnap the love interest!..

…Please no! I DESPISE CLIFFHANGERS! but I would undergo the agony for this perfect game series


I would actually like to see a creepy wendigo. That would do for some good terror scenes.

Lucky for u̶s you Sera hates them too. She also said all the books will be auto conclusive.


Yeah, if there is one thing I really like about this book it is that the description does not turn vague when it writes about wounds and broken bones.

I actually need stuff like that to immerse better into a world, it makes it more real. Never mind the fact that there walk these charming vampires around the detective who heal from deep gashes in their bodies without thinking twice about it.

Now I want our Detective to tell other supernaturals to call them Geral of Rivia while they solve supernatural crimes.


gimme mummies sera

I’m with @Mewsly I think something like a shapeshifter would be a good way to continue. Unless they’re actively killing people, their crimes would be at best a nuisance especially if they’re impersonating the Detective.

It could serve as both a breather episode, as well also as an introduction for how the MC has to manage leading what is essentially a double life (having to lie/keep people ignorant about the supernatural) without outright killing us with angst, lol.


You could still make shapeshifters dangerous by saying they need the hair, skin, or blood of their impersonation victim in order to transform into them? And the size of the DNA sample determines how long they can stay as the person.

But with the Detective’s blood, all they need to do now is touch people to change into them and they can impersonate them for days–and that’s not even counting being able to impersonate the Detective themself.


There are definitely already supernaturals living in Wayhaven :slight_smile: Long before the MC was even born into Wayhaven, lol!


Did you notice M has a necklace that’s special to them, maybe it’s a witcher’s medallion. M is a witcher
Now all my MC needs is a unicorn to get that specific scene in the witcher



What if M is Gerald’s child?! What if they had the senses of a witcher as a human?! What if, when they were turned, their senses became amazing even for a vampire?! Why if they have inherited the personality of Geralt and that’s why they are so cranky a̶n̶d̶ ̶h̶o̶t???!!!

I know this makes no sense in the witcher universe, but shhhhhhhhhhhh.

@Mewsly, may I ask when do you sleep? You are here before I go to bed, you are here when I wake up to go to work, you are here in my evenings. Are you a vampire? :thinking:


I am actually two dwarves in a trench coat. We take turns.


Hey Wayhaven fans! I’m sorry to interrupt your forum scrolling, but here’s an announcement for y’all!
There is a Wayhaven Discord for fans of this new series to meet, discuss, and enjoy content created by other fans!
The Unit Bravo F–kers by Juliette

I hope to see some of you there, and hope u have a great day!


Maybe this will finally get me to make a Discord account… maybe…