The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


What platform? You can’t change code on cog website if that’s what you’re looking for. So offline only (for droid and ios you’d have to edit javascript data files, not the text ones and resign changed app, steam should be easy once you find text files, not sure where it stores them though). Oh, and CS will produce an error if you add additional lines of code in *.json without updating the line number of *label’s location.

Easiest would be choicescript sdk for desktop + procured game text files, as you won’t have to bother editing *.json, which are a pain to view formatted. Firefox will take care of the conversion (txt->json on the fly) and you can compose hot scorching yaoi action to your hearts content.

Finally gotten around to doing my first full playthrough (time conspiring against completing the game until now, and as such my opinion may have holes on it based on parts I haven’t played), and I’m not entirely sure about what I think about it. It’s very well written, and the characters are interesting, there are a few areas which make me feel unsatisfied, I guess? Spoilered everything just in case.

I did manage to catch a glipse when the first few chapters were available, and I did like what I read back then. However, that may have been partly the cause of me being unsatisfied. The story itself was great, the twists and turns were nice. The characters were relatively well fleshed-out and different. The game bit was where it faltered. It might be that I’d read the pre-meeting Murphy chapters a few times (before and after release) affected this, since the post-meeting Murphy chapters appeared to be the victim of this, and they were a bit underwhelming.

For a game where one is a detective, I never really felt like it aside from the first few scenes at the start. The case work was limited. Having played through the game, I can see why that’s the case in-story, but I suppose if it would have been nice if there was more of the detective stuff. Most of the game seemed like being herded from one location to another then another. Talking to Bobby outside the PC’s house was a breath of fresh air, since by that time the plot felt like a bit of an escort mission, though again there was no agency in how to bluff Bobby off, as far as I could see. The PC might say that “we need to be proactive”, and one does nothing. Especially compared to the mild choices possible in the first half (going to speak to the witness, or look over the scene), the railroading in the latter half appeared even more starkly.

I admit it is largely advertised as a character-based piece, which it is great at (though I haven’t gone through all of the routes), the investigatory stuff seems like a very minor side note. I’m not suggesting something as indepth as Highlands, but I think the absence of the investigatory was stuff was exaggerated by how it also seemed like the stats didn’t really do anything. There are minor hints of stuff in the future, but the character gets fed information. Tina or Verda goes and does it for you (or, later, “The Agency”. The PC can be furious at the team not listening to them, but can’t seem to draw any suspicions about them whatsoever. It would be nice if the PC, potentially with high stats, got somewhere close to figuring out than it was more than just an “ordinary” killer. High deductive could get hints that their “team” is assisting in a coverup, high science could hit the blood lead earlier (though they’d have to be wrong about it, they could cotton on that it’s the connecting factor). I assume that stats don’t have a large focus in favour of the storytelling, which is a reasonable choice, but it would be nice if there was a bit more than “oh I know what dopamine is”, or "I found this (which turns out to be relatively inconsequential since you can’t do anything with it). Say the team gets more wounded, or more bodies pile up in future installments.

This might have been mentioned, but over time I got more frustrated with the main ROs and the lack of agency. Bemusement, wearniness, teeth-grinding cooperation or cold professionalism didn’t necessarily always seem to be an option. There’d be a bunch of reactions along the line of terrified, absolutely excited, being a sarcastic joker, exploding angrily (and doing nothing about it) and there might be one where the PC just nods in an almost-gormless manner. That wasn’t so much the case with the PC’s mother, at least. Similarly for the agency, it’s largely either be appalled at what they’re doing or rejoicing at the supernatural, no real option for pragmatism in the “I don’t like this, but I don’t feel like I have a choice nor do I want to rock the boat”-way. Similarly, I can’t recall there being any options for paranoia and doing something about it other than freaking out. The PC just seems to accept it and does nothing. Perhaps a high-combat PC could start carrying a pistol or pepper spray around, or something at least?

I know the plan is for there to be a series and there needs to be some relationship between the PC and the main cast in order for them to work together, but it would be nice to be as frosty to them by the end as they were to the PC at the start. I guess it would have been nice if the friendship values or the teamunity values got applied more evidently.

I’ll probably have to go back and play it a few more times, but after my first playthrough I still find the “normal” characters more interesting than the team. I did the Ava romance, and while it was nice, the path didn’t really seem to fit for a PC trying to be equally cool and professional (and potentially forming a bond as a result of that); the choices I got were either smirking about it or constantly stumbling on oneself. Consequently, it did seem a little sudden at the end, too, and the “Or am I in charge” question made me wish it was a genuine question and not tongue-in-cheek.

I don’t mean to be overly critical or a jerk about it, thought I’d give my honest opinion, aware that I’d might need to go through it again to get a better view of it. I’d be interested in Book 2, but at this stage I’d probably wait a few months for a sale and for the reviews to come in.


Thank you for taking time to provide feedback on this.


For your first two points, TWC seems to focused solely on the storytelling aspects of IF as opposed to those stat-based heavy mechanic of IF. The author did mentioned in here as well in her tumblr account that TWC’s stat-based mechanics will not play a major part of this series though there will some effects in some parts of the series. But I do like to see more active role being a detective like how SoH 3 did in the first parts of book where you become somewhat of an amateur detective where you input some keywords based from text presented.

In terms of pragmatic choices, I know there are some choices seems to be pragmatic. But to be honest, the wide variety of choices were enough. I think there is a limit on how much one can put into coding and branching of scenarios. This is afterall a one man team.

In terms of team unity, don’t worry about it too much. If you saw Sera’s post above, we will have enough time to progress with the friendship side as well as romantic side of the relationship.

I find all the cast interesting including the villain. In some of CoGs/HGs I played, I cared for some characters and that’s it. But each their own…

Also a hint, try to check out some other choices because there is a scenario that can’t experience in one playthrough.


So, I finally got hold of this. Played it when it was a WIP. Got “fanboyism”. Told @Seraphinite my love for this series and how I liked the characters. Waited and despaired when the release date got postponed.

Now I finished it. A bit late to the party but I finished it.

And I loved it. Every inch of it.

It left a warm sensation on my stomach. Like a good meal. There are no words to describe this feeling. Satisfied? Full? Bliss? I find them lacking something.

Now, it looks like I am selling this like the Second Coming of Jesus. Well, considering the times were are living, poor guy must be trying to get hold of a seat in some plane. Thankfully, there are some problems or else it would be perfect. If it is perfect then Book 2 and so on couldn’t be built onto something. They wouldn’t be able to improve. The only way would be down and I don’t want that.

I would love to write these problems right now but I am sounding like Christ is around corner so I will hold for now. This game deserve something well thought and written so next installments could be better. Then I will die as my “fanboyism” reach new levels.

Again, Seraphite. I very much enjoyed this. Really but really in italics and really in Bold?Strong? I don’t how to say it in English and if there is any mistakes in my text, tell them, please.

I also feel compelled to write something in my native language because I am (sadly?) a fanboy and I can’t finish properly a text, yet.


Mandou bem @Seraphinite . Gostei bastante, sério. Continue assim que você vai longe. Vlw, flw.


@Thfphen110 This is the specific asks in regards to stats and Sera’s viewpoint on the matter. =)


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I’d honestly be a bit terrified to look at A’s butt. Imagine if they caught us.:fearful: But I vote for F having the best butt (If only because it would be the only one I could look at without being ashamed (N) or feel like I’m about to get hit (A and M))

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I am voting for A since they worked out. XD M would also with what they do in their spare time :wink:

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omg but N works out toooooo! sera said so.

surely they have buns of steel!

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F seems like the most likely to purposely work out in such a way that they get some nice booty muscles going on. Otherwise my vote’s on M.


that is false (neither of them work out, apparently) but i can’t find the ask that sera answered with my proof :sob:


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Who has the best booty?

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I need a scene where Tina and the MC discuss this :joy:


and they actually make an in-office poll, yes it is canon, someone call sera


Why do I feel like this would evolve into the MC and Tina covering the evidence board with pictures of N and A’s butts and them having heated debates over what makes ones butt better then the other? Only to have N and A walk in and see what they’re doing.


A would sputter
F and N would contribute to the conversation
M would just be insulted, tbh


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