The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2

follow my example, take the lazy route. crack open the files so you can reread specific scenes at your leisure :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t stop playing A’s route.


How does one get to opening the files though?

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I know, ok? I’ve played it like three times. Now I’m playng Felix, but I want to play again A.

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Hehehe. I can’t play anyone else’s route without playing A’s after. Consider me smitten I guess.

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It depends on what platform you’re playing on, but while this thread talks about editing files it also explains how to just view the files Editing, modding...cheating?


As do I! Romancing Farah right now (after three times romancing M), but Morgan is being an ass in such a frustratingly attractive way…

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I always start with my mind set on trying someone else route but, Adam just captures my attention each time. :triumph::triumph:


I mainly play on Android but I’ll give that a read. Thanks!

Btw. With the bridal-style-carrying-happening-thing, how does one actually get there? I just never do. What am I missing? :sob:

You can read it on Android very easily! I use 7ziper to extract the code and then just go to scenes and read the .txt files. It can get a bit overwalming, since you need to go through all of it being code, which means lots of stuff like \“set M relf +1” \ etc etc. That’s just an example btw :laughing:


If you’re playing a female (dunno if it’s the same for male) after the thrall fight you’ll get knocked out, at which point your RO will catch then carry you.It’s a pretty quick scene.

Just commenting to let the author know that she did a brilliant job at writing this story! Worth every single penny.

I think the last time I actually liked a Hosted Games this much was when I played ‘A Study in Steampunk’.

It has everything I had been looking for at a cyoa game, for some time.

When can we expect Book 2 to be released? Not demanding the author rush, of course!
Hyped more for that than I did for Lost Heir 2 and Lost Heir 3 !.

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N carrying me after I decided to stay at the police station for once.

:blush: :ok_hand:

But… I’ve never read that. Admittedly I’m playing as male rn but first playthroughs were female. I’ll do a re-run an see if I missed it * sigh * :rofl:

Yeah I have a basic understanding of the codes. I actually was learning how to make a game of my own until my PC died on me lol

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Talking about embarrassing experiences.

On one of my first playthroughs (right at the end battle, when Murphy grabs you) I was in subway coming to a station, and the game scene pissed me off so much I jerked my hand and accidentally elbowed a random guy next to me. Seeing his annoyed frown and for some reason my first words were: “The nerve that bloodsucking bastard has!”

I’ve never seen anyone get out of the train car that fast. Didn’t even get to apologize to the poor fella :sweat_smile:


I was once on the subway on my way to school, and suddenly I remembered all of F’s dialogue, I suddenly started laughing like a maniac, all of the seats within a 10 foot radius of me were empty for the rest of the trip


I think you also need a fair bit of flirtation points to get it and I don’t think that F picks up the MC at all?? If I’m wrong about that for the love of GOD correct me cuz I WANT THAT


also @Toco cause you were the one asking about it

You do indeed need 4 or more flirt points with your LI of choice to get the scene, and the description of how exactly they pick you up varies per LI. But F does in fact pick up a female MC!