The Unforeseen Flame [WIP || 3/4/23]


Heart of Flames: The Unforeseen Flame is the first book within the Heart of Flames series. Wherein you can explore the fantasy world of Gallinia— filled with mystical creatures, magic, and romance— with your closest companions by your side.

Safe passage, Dragon Rider.

Gallinia was home to many strange— yet fascinating— creatures. From the fiery wyrms of Mount Torpar to the great leviathans within the Hasmere Sea; none come close, however, to the grandeur of the tarragon. Of the dragons…

The Riders of Haven are the pinnacle of all— even more so than the Riders of Sanctuary— looking after Gallinia, and all of her people, without wavering. To be drawn into their ranks is the highest of honors one could ever dream of.

Of course, that honor usually went to the noble families of Gallinia— for they carried the old blood within their veins— not to a half-breed like yourself; carrying both human and fae genes. You knew that those fantasies would only ever be just that… fantasies.

You just never knew how wrong you were. When, in a surprising turn of events, you were invited to go to the Hatching Ceremony within Haven— an event many have gone their whole lives without seeing— and are chosen; marking you as the first commoner to ever be chosen by a dragon.

What will happen to your life now? Going from a simple farm upbringing to being part of the fabled heroes of Gallinia?

And what does this mean for Gallinia as a whole?

Only time will tell…


Romantic Options

Ezra/Elaria [The Heir of Gallinia] – An aloof individual with a heart of gold— not that they ever let anyone see it— that cares for Gallinia with everything in them. All they want is for their home to prosper and will do everything within their power to make that happen. They may take a bit to warm up to you— even if they’re open to helping you— but they’re well worth that wait. As only a few have been able to melt the ice that surrounds their heart. Has a white dragon named Archion.

Caleb/Catherine [The Child of the General] – An individual that mainly sticks beside their best friend— or has their nose stuck in a book— as they don’t interact with many people comfortably. With a genuine smile, kind eyes, and a soft demeanor, no one can wonder why they’re beloved (despite their antisocial behavior). They value loyalty above everything else and will stand beside you whenever you need them; as friends or more. Has a blue dragoness named Narith.

Jaden/Jade [The Flirt of Haven] – Their presence within Haven is infamous; a quick wit, endearing smile, and silver tongue allow them to entrap many hearts. However, many have never truly met the person that lurks beneath. The person that allows sapphire blue eyes to soften, for a sarcastic tone to change into one of support. You may just become that person that will finally help them become who they’ve always hidden. Has a purple dragoness named Vessarel.

Aidan/Aylin [The Forgotten One] – They have a very standoffish attitude towards you in general; some may even say angry but they’re not in the mood to make friends. All they want to do is protect Gallinia, further their bond with their dragon, and just survive being a Rider. Though, at times, through their prickled words and acidic retorts you can see a softer edge beginning to form. Has a bronze dragoness named Ciyradyl.

Faolan/Faolyn [The Alpha] – The resident alpha of the wolf shifters that inhabit the forests surrounding Haven; a beneficial relationship between the two that has prospered for generations. They’re happy-go-lucky kind of person that just wants the best for their pack. With a wild edge, that is written into their very bones, they’re as unpredictable as the animal that lives within their soul.

Laurence/Lauren [The Healer of Haven] – The resident healer of Haven has no room for error in their lives. Nor do they have the time to think about the possibility of their one true. Their patients are all that matter to them— their own happiness on the back burner— as they fight the maintain the position no one ever believed they could get to. You can offer them a semblance of peace they haven’t had for quite some time. Something that they’ve never known how much they truly needed it. Has a gold dragon named Asa.

Irithiel [The Matriarch] – The Leader of the Riders within Haven— as well as all the Riders of the Western Provinces— has upheld order and peace within Gallinia for centuries. Irithiel stands for everything that the Riders are meant to uphold; peace, unity, loyalty, and valor. She’s a gentle soul that would do anything to make sure her Riders were all right. No matter the cost. Has a silver dragon named Iddraras.

Kyllian [The Ambassador] – A reclusive individual that only speaks with the Matriarch. To get close to him means you need to get close to his dragon (hint hint). He’s one that isn’t easily impressed; he’s in Haven for a specific reason and won’t allow himself to grow distracted from it. Of course, he never expected you to enter the mix. Has a red dragon named Olzriar.

Note For Old Readers

If you’ve read the old demo then you’ll notice a lot of similarities between what The Unforeseen Flame used to be and what it is now, but please be aware that the MC is no longer a full-blooded Fae; they are a half-breed because of various reasons that will be revealed later on within the story. There are also fewer ROs because I decided to keep the romantic cast to characters that I felt connected to, and that I felt I could do justice with (plus some familiar faces are now gender selectable too).

Important Note

Please note that HoF, namely the Unforeseen Flame at this time, is still very much a WIP, and not everything has been implemented within it. Some choices, and scenes, still need to be added but I hope that you still enjoy the experience of what HoF has to offer. And, in some regards, the MC has a semi-set personality. (Just wanted to add that on here in case that’s a dealbreaker for some of you.)

Also, ignore any typos or whatever else you may come across… They will all be edited in due time. Thank you so much for deciding to try my game regardless!

Basic Information

The Unforeseen Flame is currently at 72K in its word count with a playable Prologue, Chapter One, and Chapter Two.


How old is the MC? The MC is currently 17-18, but there will be a time jump wherein the MC will be in their mid-twenties.

Choices? Don’t worry if you think your MC is stagnant as of now. These are only the base choices— I’m still working on implementing the rest of the choices for other MC types. And I’m revamping some of the scenes as I do so to work with those MCs better too. I just wanted to get the chapters out so people had something to read while I do the rest of the work. As chapter two can still be read as it is… I’m just adding more options and various other things as I go :sweat_smile:.



There goes the rest of my saturday



…and here I though I was hallucinating.

So, the old topic got closed and this is a new one because the old WIP has been edited?

Welcome Back! :wave:

And you cut down the number of romances? Look at the options…there are still a lot :sweat_smile:

Btw, the lady who protect you at the beginning and invite you (Back in the old WIP), was she a romance ever?


Very very happy i am :smiley:


@Eleana Lady! I got a complain for you! How is someone supposed to pick a Romance when they are all so well written! I ask thee! How? Roll a dice? Play paper-rock-scissor with my reflection and hope I win? :sweat_smile:


Romance them all! Because there is no way there will be repercussions. Right? RIGHT?? :upside_down_face:


No way!

They all have dragons! Don’t wanna be chewed alive!


I knew this WIP felt familiar. Looks like the rewrite is paying dividends; it looks much more polished than before. I like what I see so far.


I thought I was seeing things but this wip is back and better than ever. Too bad the ro’s are so well written. It’s going to be difficult picking one


A little disappointed there was no wisecrack about the Forgotten. Something like:
“Who are the Forgotten?”
“I … don’t remember”

Or after the explanation make a comment that since you know what they are, they’re not really Forgotten.

Also would have been fun to tease Faolan about smelling like wet dog. And when we’re at the stables to make a joke about spilling wine on Catherine’s book.


Yeah… A dragon… really like what you have so far. The writing really brings you into the story. Like what you have so far.


I miss you! I hope you’re doing well and I hope you enjoy what you done with this remake To me personally I I says to every Writer Enjoy what you want to do not let anyone control how you write It’s your story your rules If you feel comfortable with it that is good with me and I hope you keep on writing how you feel.( This is from personal experience from living with people who Play in a band And who did artwork We are a creative bunch in my family.)


@Eleana here is my feedback: the game is really beautiful, original and interesting nice story, frankly I was surprised that there is no character name list I would like to choose one that fits the world, the mechanics are pretty good only the relationships section in stats is missing, the dynamics of the characters and dragons are amazing, there are some mistakes but you probably noticed I can send it if you want. I will follow this game with love and interest. take it easy, good luck and congratulations.

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Omg welcome back :kiss:



Yes! Dragons! I’m sold.

And for Lawrence being such a kind soul.


I am so happy to see thus WIP back and it’s new form. Romance, dragons, saving the land…who could ask for more. I will be following this one closely. Lots of playthroughs in my future to explore all of the LI’s. Thank you.


Can’t wait for more, i have been following ur work on the discord server since its birth :3 ( although im not that active there)

Cant wait for that M… romance with Irithiel :heart_eyes:


Tell you the truth I don’t believe in The dragon Nights are not always the good guys or the forgotten As the villains I need to know more of both sides before I put a finger on each of them And when you think about it our MC and her family have been mistreated byThe humans Tells you that the Forgotten I have a justified reason to hate this country and want to take control But that’s my own point of view and I have empathy of the other side

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Nothing wrong with wanting to know both sides of the story before picking a side. The mc knows better than anyone what’s it’s like being different and how hard it is.

Personally I want to learn more about them both so I know what is what. Hopefully the opportunity presents itself soon