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Sorry if this was asked previously…but why is there no SAVE option for completed games? You get so spoiled on Dashingdon…then you purchase games aaaaand they are gone. Boo.

Yessss I know you can jist replay a billion times to get your $$ worth to see all of the options…and I do…but I also replay the crap out of stories that I can use the save function on, and it’s just a far more superior experience (for me anyway) so I was wondering if anyone knew why they arent available for completed/games youve paid for? No shade I am seriously just wondering


In my view, the save option at the end of the game has no use unless the title has sequels.


If it’s about a save/checkpoint system, I think the way it will function will be similar to a back button - and as covered in the FAQ:

Q) Why isn’t there a “back” button on your games?
A) We’ve considered incorporating an Undo (or Back) button instead, but we found that users would spoil their game, by clicking on every option one at a time and clicking Back, until they found a result they liked the best. It removed all of the dramatic tension; one user described this as a “chore!”

It’s tempting to say “well, if it’s a chore, and it ruins the game, then why are you pushing the Back button so much? Just play the game without testing every option first!” But I think people just can’t help themselves; it’s just too hard to resist pressing the Back button when we’ve made the “wrong” choice. And even if we never use the Back button, it undermines tension just knowing that “if I ever get in trouble, I can always Undo…”


personally…I feel about that the same way I feel about cheat : My game…my enjoyment…I’m a grown up…let me decide whats fun and whats immersion breaking and how much Torture I wanna go trough .


I must have misread your post. I apologized about that. We’re talking about the save system within the game, right? I do tend to restart if I choose the wrong option but I would like a save system at the start of each chapter if it is a very long game.


This has been discussed before, and the staff have stated their case on it already. (I think there are a handful other threads about the topic, but as far as I could tell this is the one that had the most commentary by staff members.)


Ah, this debate again… @Jender I am 100% on board for a save option, but COG have refused to implement one. This is something many people have asked for time and time again, but they haven’t budged on it. They cite different reasons each time… “it ruins the game experience” or “aesthetics would be messed up” or [insert whatever choice here].

I really hope they reconsider some day. But until they do, they place it on the author to make a save system for their game. I haven’t tried implementing one myself, but I hear from people who have that it can be tedious, so they do them every 3 chapters or whatnot. :woman_shrugging:


As a note, should they choose, HG authors can implement their own custom save system.

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As per Jason: