The Power of Motivation

Hello everybody. I had a common question for you all and only realized I should have asked it a few weeks ago. What keeps you motivated to continue writing/coding your interactive fictions? Personally, I attempted to write several WIPs but I couldn’t figure out the coding, so I thought of making them novels instead. But in the end, I lost my motivation to finish what I had started. What drives/inspires you to put in the effort to make those interactive fictions that we all love and cherish?

I had to learn discipline and focus before I started to actually complete projects. Eventually sitting down and simply focusing on my work became a habit. I tend to only focus on a few projects at a time and to keep rough notes and plans for future ones without actually starting them until the first are completed.

Writing isn’t always a fun burst of creativity. Sometimes you just have to muscle through it like any other work, and as you muscle through it you may have a creative burst. If I think about my writing too hard then I lose the ability to write. I remind myself I’m not looking for perfection, as I know I’ll improve with time, patience, study and practice. Besides, my best writing comes from the editing process. With a first draft I simply aim to write. I’ll have later drafts to refine my writing. Coding is similar in a way. I try to be very patient with my work and not get discouraged or try to push to perfect it too quickly or early. All of that will come with time, patience and diligence. I feel like not pushing for a “perfect” first draft has made me more open to criticism. I no longer feel personally hurt when somebody makes a negative or constructive comment on my work.

This is just the process that works for me. I approach writing (and coding) like work. I used to have similar problems as you, but not so much any more. Sitting down and focusing on writing has simply gotten easier because I’ve forced myself to do it so often. I know a creative guy who didn’t like it when I said that sometimes you have to force yourself to write but, yeah, that’s what I had to do. It got easier with time. I’m more patient.

I’m curious how other people approach their writing and coding.

Something that probably would help a lot is to set goals for yourself, either set so many hours each day to write or to set a word count goal for each week or such. then write your goal on a paper or something and put it where you can see it. The main reason why I want to write IF is because I like my characters and want to see them come to life and enjoyed by others :] but we will see how far I ever get…

So true! I’d echo everything Lace says.

You also need to have an idea that excites you and that you cherish. If you aren’t inspired to see your story through to the end, you probably won’t.