The Paths to Greatness (Discussion) - OUT NOW!


Hmmm, that’s weird. Some other people had received this error before, as well. I’m a little stumped, though, because there are no *goto’s or *label’s to any “captured” on that line. I’ll look into it more!

That’s one less bug to worry about! I’m glad it worked out for you!


-More character introductions!
-The decision that you made when choosing your dominant stat finally becomes relevant!

As with previous updates, please let me know if you encounter any bugs. You are also welcome to give constructive criticism and/or your opinion of the story and characters! Thank you for reading!



Phew, life sure has been busy! Over one year since the last update, I have finally finished the introduction! Note: you MUST choose athleticism at your first stat when selecting your characteristics or else the ending to the introduction won’t show.


I didn’t want to double-post on my own topic, but I don’t know how to edit my previous posts or the title of the thread. If this is breaking any rules, please tell me and I will remove the post somehow.

Like always, constructive criticism and bug reports are welcome and enouraged!


So far so good; one criticism i would have is you use the word (assembly) way to often and not that far a part; my suggestion would be to look up words that mean the sam thing such as (gathering).

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So, we’re kidnapped to serve as cannon-fodder for some imperial war-machine, okay I can get that the mc is a nobody from nowhere after all. What I don’t understand is why they would kidnap a wealthy, aristocratic kid and throw him in the same lot as a nobody, such as our mc. His parents or family must have really pissed of the Emperor or his authorities.

Still being common cannon fodder doesn’t exactly seem like a grand destiny to me yet. Then again our “grand destiny” could be doing something that is only grand to people with a really intimate knowledge of history, such as being to forgotten soldier who made it possible for someone else to win the war or something and is promptly forgotten while the other person gets all the credit and the glory. I do like it that our village is apparently so backwards and remote that we didn’t even have an idea there was a war on, my mc will probably be cursing the bureaucrat who remembered that we even existed as apparently technically imperial subjects.


I can guarantee that he doesn’t understand either!

You’re not going to like Gordo very much then, haha!

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve updated! I have been working on it, but I’m not entirely sure how to share it because Dropbox is discontinuing link sharing. If anyone has any ideas, please share! I would really like to keep posting progress so the story can continue, but I’m just not able to do that at the moment!

As always, constructive criticism and anything else you want to say is welcomed and encouraged!


I may or may not, my mc definitely isn’t, after all nobody likes to serve as canon fodder under brutal “discipline”, not even nobodies from nowhere. :unamused:

His parents/family must have really pissed off the wrong “civil servant”. :sweat_smile:
Normally kids like that are the officers, not the fodder.

@dashingdon’s site, seems to be where it’s all happening these days. Apparently com may also work for you, or if you have or can easily set up your own site, I for example technically still have a complementary one included in my subscription from my ISP, then you can use that as well.


Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll check it out!

RE-EDIT: Thank you for changing the title! (:

RE-RE-EDIT: New link!

Hope it works!


Hi! So glad to see an update after all this time. I found an error right as the MC left her captors’ throne room. Said something like “expected 1 was 2”. I’m definitely not remembering that right, but after I closed the little error message, there wasn’t a Next button at the bottom of the page, so all I could do was either look at my stats or start over.


@Writing_Fever if you want the new link moved to the first post just hit up one of the mods @Havenstone @FairyGodfeather or @Cecilia_Rosewood
With these forums having a working link in the first post really makes everything easier for the players. :wink:


Thanks for the heads up, @idonotlikeusernames. Try not to tag the big boss though. I’m pretty sure he’s got better things to do :sweat_smile:

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I hope those things include working on the next part of his Vampire series (as that along with Broadsides is what drew me here in the first place). :wink:


Did you make a charisma or skill focused MC and trick Gordo? For some reason, I’ve been getting errors with that, but only if the MC is a woman. Also thank you for being glad to see an update! I’m glad that you’re glad, haha!

Good advice! It looks like you hit up the mods for me, though haha!

You and me both, you and me both. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just wanted to state that I finally figured out how to run quicktest and randomtest, and that I am getting no bugs on my end! Also, the introduction is officially done!

EDIT 2: I have an update for you! The introduction is completely finished and I have started chapter 1! Here is the link:


lol Next time, make a new post, I was lost for a second when I wondered what new post brought THIS back from the dead.
Edit- not a revive, the author edited last post…


I didn’t want to do that because it seemed a little spammy to reply to my own post, even if it was originally made months ago. But if it is easier to see, then I suppose I will make new posts for updates in the future.

I also forgot to mention that, as always, please let me know if you encounter any bugs. Constructive criticism and story feedback are always welcome, as well!

LINK (UPDATED 05/22/17):


  • Finished introduction.
  • Updated character relationship tracking.
  • Updated faction reputation tracking.
  • Bug fixes.
  • General improvements (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.).
  • The beginning of “Chapter 1.1: General Training”.
  • New character introduction.

Thank you for reading! (:


I’m glad this is still going. I was actually thinking about WIPs I hoped would be finished someday and this is one of those.

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I have updated the title of the thread.

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Thank you so much this means a lot to me! I am so glad that you’re rooting for me! (:

That works too, lol! Thank you for that!


Fun game so far. I love how the long-winded dude’s first name translates to “nonstop.”

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Thank you for reading! He’s not the only one with a significant name… everyone is named for something about them, maybe you can figure out all of them? (;

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VERY short demo, still like it, and looking forward to more.