The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017)




So update has hopefully just gone up. Not a massive scene as I’m still getting used to choicescript again (not that I was particularly au fait with it before…) but the first night of the Noble path is now up. As always thoughts are appreciated and hopefully I can start with the real nitty-gritty of the plot tomorrow.


Hurrah! Time to disappoint Mother (again) with my terrible high society social etiquette!


Great update! I’m really glad this is back from the dead. I did, however, notice some mistakes:

Shouldn’t the choice of who will assist you be in quotes, since the MC is saying it out loud?

When skipping forward, choosing the short and slim build results in the Mr Green/Ser Farah comparison scene treating it as if it was tall and muscular.

The voice is cold and full of authority, but the knight shows no sign of noticing it.

This showed up when being assisted by Mr Grey.

This is not exactly a mistake, but I’ve noticed that none of the choices (apart from choosing a path) seem to have a long-term effect on the game. I understand that this won’t be a stat heavy game, but I assume it’ll have relationship stats (hidden or not). They could be added, for instance, when choosing between Mr Grey and Ser Farah, or in the interactions with Lady Calinas to decrease the number of fake choices.


I stand ready!

Good catch, corrected and will be updated shortly.

Ooh… That’s an odd one. Gimme a minute and I think I can fix that… Ok should be fixed shortly.

That’s another good catch, which has hopefully been corrected now.

Agreed, I’m still learning the ropes. The fake choices that are there at the moment are constructs that will have stats added to them later. As it happens it won’t be a particularly stat-heavy game, hopefully relying more on recalling earlier sections of text (basically highlighted in this update by stuff like whether or not you take a bath. If you don’t take a bath you wake up still covered in crusted brickdust and other crud, so not a great start to your life as a noble).

However I’ll hopefully start adding those variable numbered stats before going too much further, I’m still learning them right now, and every time I add something new to the game, it invariably collapses into an unworkable mess. I basically want to be a little more proficient before I start adding numbers into it…


@Moreau want me to update the title to let people know it’s been updated?


A gracious offer but I’ve just gone in and done it myself.

As to the first round of fixes, they’ve been updated and you’ve also got an extra three sections under the ‘Myrmidon’ section of the Codex because I happened to be working on them at the time.

So… Have at that.


You basically just described my entire childhood in one sentence.


Yay :~) I’ve realized that I’m a rebel path purist.
I really enjoyed this, and Ser Farah is adorable. I’m also curious to see what you have planned with the stats, since you mentioned tht it won’t be particularly stat dependent. How do you plan on gating certain options, then? By virtue of whichever myrmidon you’ve chosen to play?
Also, the additions to the codex reminded me tht at one point, giant wasps were part of your menagerie? Did you take those out?


Awww… Ser Farah will be very disappointed to hear that.

Partially, but not entirely. Basically the plan is to have things gated off depending on what has happened to you specifically over the course of the game. For example say you have to storm a fortress, and have just fought your way through an army to get to the front gate.

Obviously strong Myrmidon can just batter down the door, shapeshifting Myrmidon can sneak in and smart Myrmidon can improvise some sort of explosive, but there may be other factors at play.

Maybe you broke your arm earlier, leaving you unable to function properly. Maybe you befriended a member of the defending garrison who opens the gates for you. Maybe you specifically read up on this fortress’ layout and found an undiscovered structural weakness.

These events will determine what choices are available to you, and your memory of what happened earlier in the story will give you an edge.

For example in the fight with Vitruvian, remembering that he was slashed in the chest by Ser Farah should hopefully encourage you to hit him in the chest when you are forced to fight him.

Didn’t take them out necessarily, just haven’t gotten round to adding all the wildlife that you might potentially run into. Crucially I have to determine whether the Wisp-Wasps will actually make it into the final story.

Basically I’ve ummed and ahhed over whether their whole scene needs retooling, and I’ll let you know when I figure it out.


You are going to add the murderous, mutant cats though? :cat: :cat2:


Oh the Cataphracts? The five-eyed primeval predators that catch prey by staring at it so intently that the victim becomes hypnotised and/or panicked?

Yeah, I figure I can fit those in somewhere.


I fear the thought of the Basilisk mor that a hypno cat
Not by much though…


Honestly, I’m just hoping I can adopt a hipno-kitty.


This particular ‘hypno cat’ is roughly as big as an adult African Lion and has teeth roughly the size of rifle-bullets. They kill their prey unhinging their jaws and crushing the target’s skull with a single bite.

Whereas the Basilisk (according to Pliny the Elder) is a small snake ‘not more than twelve fingers in length’ that is vulnerable to the smell of weasels.

That is not a typo. That is true.


But you’ll never know if you wanted to or if they just made you want that. (Gives my own cat untrusting look)


How dare you accuse our furry feline overlords of something so underhand?! Are you actually suggesting that there’s a reason not to want a creature you shower with money and affection, only to get a cold stare (if you’re lucky) in return?


Pinch me, I must be dreaming. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :astonished:

Stopped just before the part where we can get (fitted for) actual clothes and boots on the noble path I see. Why must thou tease me so. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
All in all the update was marvelous and I like our dear butler already. :blush:


inb4 this becomes an actual plot point at some point in the game

Something tells me that using their jaws to kill prey is something many predators in the wild do. Not exactly sure what makes them unique…

I mean, yeah the basilisk sounds like a tiny little thing, but at least you never heard of any animal vulnerable to the smell of weasels. That’s gonna net the little guy some points in the creativity department, right?

In all seriousness though, I like the new noble content so far despite it’s length and simplicity. Gives something to balance out the rebel path with at this point in time. Something tells me that your style of coding is gonna be a bit unique, according to how you lay it out. I like stats-based games as well as anyone, but I don’t think I’ve played one that’s less on stats and more on if/else/whatever conditions before. This’ll be fun. :smiley:


Five eyed hipno-kitties.


The very notion that I would foreshadow a scene like that. I’m certain that nothing like that is anywhere in this game. Certainly not in Rebel path Chapter Five at the crucial Storming of the Ryre.

The crushing part isn’t what makes them unique. The thing they crush is what is unique. See many animals (big cats especially are known for this) use their jaws to crush a target’s windpipe or sever vital arteries in the throat.

The Cataphract has a snake-like hinged jaw that can expand to an unholy size, one large enough for the cat to swallow an entire human head, and then has enough jaw strength to crush the skull of its victim.

As a brief reminder, the human skull is the most armoured point on the human body, so overprotected that most animals don’t even bother attacking it when trying for a killing blow.

That is not a particularly common hunting tactic among any lifeform I can think of. Cataphracts who hit their target with ‘The Dread’ (that hypnotism thing from earlier) they can just walk up to a target and open wide.

Clothes fitting is the next update, hopefully along with first lessons in noblecraft.