The Evil Hound I : Breaking Dawn of New Era (WIP)

Oi @S_O_V_R_A_T_O, I got that from reading this, but that has no comparison to this one…

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Ugh for the reasons that irritate me, I can’t stop reading and pointing out your errors… Lol that’s definitely a compliment even if it doesn’t feel like one…


Hella interesting can’t wait to read more I really wanna know what happens next

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Good start! The pacing is a little rushed but I do like the idea of having a more set personality. Found one error that stuck out to me:

Noticed that the description just repeats itself, even if I made a different character.

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@Rubber_Duck Oh, I am so happy and motivated to hear your words. Anyway, I am working out this project more with my full efforts. I can’t wait to hear some words from you in near future. Thank you by the way. :smiley:

@beespls Oh yeah, in this demo is not yet updated but in my current work in computer, it is already fixed. I just checked right now HAHAHA. Don’t worry, I will eventually post and updated the demo, soon. Can’t wait to post anyway haha.

@everyone i will definitely update this thread, the demo, this project. I am working out a big update, not so huge, but big HAHAHA. For all people asking if this is still active, well the answer is YES, of course. I am busy in live streaming, but I am working this out with more effort. Thank you very much from all feedbacks. Arigato Gozaimasu!


@everyone This is it. In total of 9k~ words! An achievement for me, but it will definitely increase later. :slight_smile:

The Big Update Is Here!

  • Interlude Page is here… a scene that your main character didn’t know. When and where the outbreak starts?
  • Newly Constructed Prologue is here… a scene before the outbreak starts, and beginning of your plan.
  • Newly Constructed Chapter I is here… a scene that shows how your plan ends. This includes a Fighting Tutorial. You must at least have familiarity with shooting angles, compass, and clock positioning to win every fight.
  • Fighting Scene Enhancement is here… a good quality of battle, using your choices, but read carefully before choosing.
  • Health System is here also… so watch out! You will never know how many challenges that you will take in the near future. Keep your hit points in good condition, or otherwise, your story ends.

Yeah! This is more likely a video game. A interactive novel / video game. The first scene is the interlude. It has no choices, and long pages, but right after that, in prologue, there will be a lot of choices! Guaranteed!

Stay safe everyone, and have a nice and wonderful day!
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Note #1:
To all people, if someone frequently asks you, “when will you update your story?”
Appreciate it, be grateful. Don’t make them feel bad, just being a fan of your work. Becuz for me, it is care and motivation. Over 85% (in the world) will throw you trash, but there is about less than 15% will always appreciate who you are, and your works too. Don’t report them, just understand them.



I got this error, that’s as far as I can go.


It is fixed now. :smiley: I didn’t noticed that hahaha… thanks for screenshot. Have fun in reading 'n checking. :grin:

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I’m freaking loving it btw. Keep up the good work :heart::heart:

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Sorry to tell you this again, but it’s still there. I don’t know why or how tho. I tried to refresh the page and nothing, I’m still getting that same error.


HAHHAHAHAAHAHAA I AM SURE RIGHT NOW> IT"S FIXED NOW HAHA The data has not been saved, i thought I already did. But now, it’s good. Sorry, for inconvinience. Try again please.

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Sorry I keep pointing stuff out but I have another one here. All the song choices have the same problem.

And stats aren’t changing also, even though it says cold increased it’s still 50.


Yes, thank you for pointing these out. As I said in the first page in the demo, most stats are in comment command. Numbers will never change, but only physical appearance and identity. Don’t worry, if the reader wants to see it, sooner than later. I will definitely pull out these numbers from comment command back in set command. Thanks again. :smiley:

Edit: Anyway, the stats are ready, and expect the demo will update in 5 minutes. Have fun as always :grin:

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Yes, yes and yes!!! :laughing: I can’t thank you enough for brightening up my day with an update. I’m gonna go and read it now. Thanks! :kissing_heart:

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I got this when I tried to pick the grappling hook

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Unfortunately, my playthrough was stopped by many errors to the point that I could not proceed. Here they are:

Those errorsappeared when I wanted to choose an option excited when falling down from 200 metres above, wanting to choose a music and after failing to choose a song, I got an error when inputting any of random song titles.

Edit: Also, I’m curious why does ‘warm’ stat appear when I choose to intimidate that soldier and his two comrades come. I mean the ‘cold’ stat appeared and after that the ‘warm’ stat appeared, which just put my player statistics back to balanced when I wanted my MC to be intimidating. Personally, for me it doesn’t make any sense. I hope that my opinion did not seem rude or too straightforward. I’m just trying to make sure that the stats change makes sense in the game.


@S_O_V_R_A_T_O…WoW,nice to see a lot of progress in this WiP…

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@S_O_V_R_A_T_O I am excited to see updates on the story but unfortunately I couldn’t progress it because of the errors. Like this one CI line 516: Non-existent variable ‘lyrics’. I tried different options but after ten tries I still couldn’t get pass them. I’m sure you’ll fix them soon. As for the feedback I liked the new epilogue. Sure it needs some polishing but readers can get a better idea of what’s going on. I’ll try to give a more detailed review once you fix the errors. Stay safe.


@Mei_Hiroshi Oh thanks for your good words! :grin: I hope you don’t get disappointed in the content. You made my day also! Stay safe as always. :smile:

@Book_Devourer Yeah, I forgot to polish my codes haha, but right now, it will definitely work! It’s fixed now, check it out if the problem persist. :grin: Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

@Mei_Hiroshi Oh yeah, it is fixed now, hope you will check it out if the problem persists again hahaha. Here’s another message for you, below:

Long Message HAHAHA

Anyway, I didn’t mention the characterization description. The chapter 1 and Prologue are the characterizatio of your character if you notice it. The stats WILL DEFINITELY HAVE GREAT IMPACT to the story, I can’t tell more than that haha. After chapter one, your reactions and other thinking way of your MC will depend on your stats including events, and more. Find out soon hahaha. About in cold to warm, if you pick black pistol, you will get warm boost in the next pages. But right now, it still there but I put more percentage to the cold one, so it will prevail than the warm stat.

@Empress_Nightmare Oh thanks for that. HAHA it takes forever for me HAHAAHA. Anyway, can you spot some you know? HAHAHA

@EmirAli The errors should be fixed now, check it out and if the problem persists, please let me know. :grin: I am sure it needs more polishing and improvement, not quite good enough even for me haha. :smile: Anyway, I would like to hear your some thoughs and your detailed review in the near future! I can’t wait for that. Have a nice day, and stay safe as always. :smiley:


The Errors should be fixed now, and as of now, no code errors come to my work, using my gadget. Hope you will find any problem that still persists, and afterwards, I can’t wait to fix it right away. Hope the story is still good, I am still coping these things inside of my brain haha. :smiley: Stay safe everyone and always have fun. Don’t stress out, and keep your hope high as always.



Oh, okay. Thanks for changing the cold stats a bit. I will look out for errors if I see one. Also, thanks for wishing me well. Stay safe as well! :blush:

Edit: sorry if I’m bothering you @S_O_V_R_A_T_O, but is it an error? Or the demo ends here?

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