The Eternal Ruler - (WiP) Demo Release



My guess is thousands of years old plus a few more years.


What’s the MCs gender male female.


i hope have fun doing this my friend


There’s potential. Looking forward to seeing more!


Its look like MC is male. (because of the “my lord” scene)


This sounds really interesting, and it seems very different from the rest of the fantasy WiPs on here. I’m going to be tracking this too.


This is my personal opinion and I’m sure other people will disagree. But I’m against having a Lore tab for necessary information. If you can’t weave all the necessary information into the story then you have a problem anyway. If it’s just bonus background stuff then more power to you of course. Not my cup of tea personally as having to hop to a Lore tab kinda breaks the flow of things, no? But again this is just personal opinion.


This story is really interesting , looking forward to read more.


Like @microwave04 said, thousand of years old. If you mean his age before, I say a young adult so in his 20s. And thanks for finding that mistake.

Yup, male. I’m considering whether to gender lock this or not.


In my opinion, if it’ll leads to a higher quality story and gives you an easier time writing it, I don’t see why not.


On the other hand, while I see the value of gender-lock in, say, historical games (I believe there’s a WiP with the MC being a soldier during WW2) or when you’re playing a fixed character (the one when you’re Mordred of Arthurian’s fame), gender-locking a character in a high fantasy setting, when there doesn’t seem to be any particular reason for it, can be pretty frustrating to some.


True enough, but the point still stands, personally though, I’d rather see what the author has planned for the story and their reason on making it gender-locked than letting the planned part goes to waste.


@Spire You’re right about the Lore tab ruining flow sometimes. I don’t really want to put it in, as I much rather explain it in the story. Just worried that I might have to go into a lot of details for some things in the story which could take up a lot of the space just to cut back to the story.

@Talyrion @Nightgazer Only making it gender locked because it’ll be easier for me. Just as male and females have different ways of talking and doing things, it’ll take a lot of work just to add that small difference into the story. I’ve prepared the path, I just haven’t built it yet as I’m seeing if it’s truly necessary or not.


In a high fantasy/egalitarian society there aren’t a whole lot of differences between men and women and most games treat them exactly the same. The MC should be able to be pure and sweet,brash and impulsive, cautious or a manipulative master mind or a range of personalities that allow the player to define their character ,if gender doesn’t completely change the story. Look at how the Guen wip allows players to create a unique set of MCs that can have their own motives for doing things, but it is only gender locked because it either wouldn’t make sense with a male MC or would require making an entire different story for a male PoV . Guenevere (WIP)

Having a non-gender locked game also avoids Having a lot of females who automatically won’t play a male gender locked game. (Let’s face it. Most games have a defined, male protagonist and images. Many people can just play one of those games, and the thing that really makes CoG unique is being able to create your own character.) People are so different that you can’t sum up an entire gender in one way, unless the society heavily influenced what it means to be male/female like in historical games.


I agree. I am female and if I can, I choose to play as a female. However, if the story is good enough, I may be willing to read/play it, but it has to be really good though.


@Sovereign2Lilith Ah, I didn’t think of that. I guess I was using modern views to see this game. Since there’s not a whole lot of difference and since I do see most fantasy games barely differentiate the viewpoints of both genders, then I can make it non-gender locked.


we hope you keep on for your self this your work not my work and you have fun to with to


I just played the demo you did a great job!
I look forward to the game


Looks good. Can’t wait for more :grimacing:


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