The Elder Crystals by Dariel Ivalyen (WIP) (HIATUS)

When the gate opens, love and beauty will return to the world, and we will once again live in his perfect light. He’s been gone for a long time, but his return is upon us. Let us praise his name and rejoice!

The Elder Crystals is a fantasy game set in the world of Sekherion, and its story begins in a place known as the Secluded Valley. The valley has been your home for nineteen years, and you have always seen it as a safe place.

All of that changes when you wake up in a forsaken cavern, right next to a large Crystal Gate, and you realize you were kidnapped and left for dead. Thankfully, you’re not alone. There’s a black cat with you, and he/she seems to be trying to lead you to safety.

As you explore the cavern, you uncover traces of suspicious activity. There are books and scrolls dating back to the Second Age, there are notes speaking of strange, dark rituals, and then, there is the Crystal Gate itself. You’ve never seen anything like it in the valley, and you can’t help but wonder why it’s there.

Is the Crystal Gate keeping you from what’s inside, or is it keeping whatever’s inside from getting out?

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary.
  • Play as a member of one of eight races, with each one having a unique racial trait.
  • Customize your appearance, personality, and sexual orientation.
  • Romance a wizard astronomer, a dutiful monk, a quirky witch, a noble archer, a mysterious mercenary, or an arrogant elf from the outside world.
  • Build your stats and develop your skills, and see how your choices change your experience.
  • Choose your weapon and collect different types of equipment.
  • Explore three different types of magic.
  • Customize your dragon familiar.
  • Complete quests and track them in your personal journal.
  • Collect books to unlock a unique scene at the end of the game.
  • Protect your town from bandits, cultists, and the undead.
  • Join forces with an old wizard, an ancient lich, or a talking tree.
  • Learn the truth about your mother and her unusual connection to the Elder Crystals, and discover what happened when the valley was cut off from the outside world!


Amedu (m) or Ameda (f) | Islander, human | 19yo | Wizard

Trope: MC’s childhood friend.

Personality: relaxed, open-minded, esoteric, calm.

Born to a family of merchants from Ferndale, A has always been a bit of an enigma to you. You’ve been close friends for many years, but you still don’t feel like you know them that well. They are a mage with a passion for arcane energies and astronomy, that much cannot be denied, but there is also something darker about them. Something dangerous. When lines get crossed and secrets come to light, will you stick by their side, or will you make them walk their path alone?


Nelfas (m) or Nelfasu (f) | Saryel/Southerner, human | 22yo | Monk

Trope: Voice of reason.

Personality: calm, detached, rational, unemotional, wise.

Monks are a rare sight in Ferndale, and N is no exception. Given to the Abbey of Silent Tears at an early age, they’ve spent most of their childhood and early adulthood in relative solitude. When your paths first cross, it feels like a coincidence. But is it really one? When you learn that your home is in danger, will N help you make things right, or will they stand by and do nothing at all?


Darion (m) or Daria (f) | Southerner, human | 20yo | Archer

Trope: Arranged engagement.

Personality: sarcastic, rebellious, cunning, evasive, cocky, loud.

Being a noble when there are only two noble families left is not easy, and it’s even worse when you’re not someone who’s fond of tradition. D has been in that very position since the day they were born, and yet, they’ve never been able to get used to it. When you first run into each other, they’re on the run from one of their arranged dates. They have a problem, but they do not wish to face it. But what happens when other, much darker, problems arise? Will D stand by your side when you face the darkness, or will their answer be to run again?


Cerien (m) or Cerina (f) | Northerner, human | 18yo | Witch

Trope: That strange person no one knows anything about. Someone with a secret crush.

Personality: obsessive, quirky, individualistic, unorthodox, shy.

When your mother dies while giving birth to you, and the family that’s supposed to care for you throws you out of the house when your magic manifests at the tender age of four, you’re set on a very strange path. But what happens if you also disappear for nine years and come back as a different person? C never needed to wonder about that, as that’s exactly what happened to them. Can a person this mysterious and odd live among regular people? Can they be trusted when darkness falls upon the valley?


Xarien (m) or Xarina (f) | Northerner, human | 25yo | Battlemage

Trope: New person in town. Someone with a lot of inner demons.

Personality: deceitful, cunning, daring, jealous, ruthless.

A bit of a secret character. Anything I say will be a spoiler. For now, they are a mercenary who comes to Ferndale to help with the problems the town is facing. Is there more to them? Who are they? Do their secrets have something to do with the darkness that’s spreading across the valley?


Qen (m) | Primeval Elf | 5506yo | Guardian/Holy Warrior

Trope: Someone with a connection to MC’s family.

Personality: dutiful, arrogant, lawful, tactful, lonely.

Dedicated, ancient, and certainly not amused, would be the best words to describe Qen at the beginning of the story. His life might have been long and tragic, but it still hasn’t prepared him for the current events. When you first run into each other, he almost dies in the process. Who is he? How come no one has ever heard of him? Did he come from outside the valley? How could that be, when the world outside the Secluded Valley ceased to exist over two centuries ago?

*Qen’s gender is set to male, and he can only be romanced by male characters.



Demo words: 145.000.
Per playthrough: 54.500.

Alpha build words: 200.700.
Per playthrough: 78.300.


How many books will there be?
Three, but the first book will have a strong, complete ending.

How long will it take to write?
About a year per book.

How long will the demo be?
The demo will include the first four chapters.

Will there be cliffhangers?
Only in a secret scene that will be unlockable and will hint at the sequel.

Can I play without romance?





Chapter 1 – 100% done.
Chapter 2 – 100% done.
Chapter 3 – 100% done.
Chapter 4 – 100% done (alpha build).
Chapter 5 – 100% done (alpha build).
Chapter 6 – 55% done (alpha build).
Chapter 7 – to be done.
Chapter 8 – to be done.
Chapter 9 – to be done.
Chapter 10 – to be done.


Feel free to leave comments with questions, ideas, and any possible errors (including grammar and punctuation) or bugs you might have encountered.


Chapters 1-4 will be available in the public demo. The rest of the game will be available in the alpha build (and in the closed beta). The alpha build is updated every few days, while the public demo will be updated when a full chapter is done.

When it comes to the demo, Chapter 3 will become available when I finish working on Chapters 3 and 4. Chapter 4 will be up when I’m done with Chapters 5 and 6.


December 8, 2022

  • Demo release (ca. 40.000 words, excluding code).

December 9, 2022

  • Fixed an issue with D’s gender choice.
  • Fixed an issue with MC’s eye color.
  • Added *line_breaks in the journal.
  • Changed the save file name from THS to TEC.
  • Made it possible to actually buy the religious book.
  • Fixed a coding error (wrong order) that made the game take both gems and scrolls from you when you were buying books. (It checked for the scrolls, took away the scrolls, and on top of that, it then also checked for money. It was a mixup, and it’s been fixed. Tell me if it’s working!)

January 27, 2023

  • CHAPTER 2 RELEASE (ca. 60.000 words, excluding code).
  • New in Ch.2: More racial reactivity (something for every race).
  • New in Ch.2: First romance scenes for 5 ROs.
  • New in Ch.2: First option(s) to use magic.
  • New in Ch.2: Enchanting, crafting, and alchemy.
  • New in Ch.2: Overhaul of scrolls, potions, and powders.
  • New in Ch.2: Option to meet one of the gods.
  • New in Ch.2: 4 (5) side quests.
  • New in Ch.2: 4 new achievements.
  • New in Ch.2: Journal entries for all quests (side, main, companion).

March 29, 2023

  • This isn’t a content update, but Chapter 3 will be coming to the public demo in April.
  • Rework details: Deleted endurance and charisma. Charisma/Charm is now a personality trait.
  • Rework details: Turned memory skills into knowledge stats.
  • Rework details: Deleted lesser versions of items.
  • Rework details: Revised personality stats. We now have: Timid/Bold, Serious/Playful, Humble/Proud, and Charming/Abrasive (prev. charisma).
  • Rework details: Skills are now text-based and focus on mastery and not percentages. For combat, there are three masteries: novice, adept, and master. You will have options to increase them through training at certain points in the game.
  • Rework details: Using the skills will not increase their level.

April 14, 2023

  • CHAPTER 3 RELEASE (ca. 46.700 words, excluding code).
  • New in Ch.3: More racial reactivity (something for every race).
  • New in Ch.3: Four new main quests. (You’ll get to leave Ferndale and follow some leads that will take you all over the Secluded Valley. You’ll get to visit places like the Whispering Grove and Mireside, and you’ll even get a chance to return to the Forsaken Cavern…)
  • New in Ch.3: A new romantic moment for Nelfas/u.
  • New in Ch.3: A new side quest (foreshadowed in Chapter 2).
  • New in Ch.3: 2 new achievements.
  • New in Ch.3: Journal entries for all quests (side, main, companion).
  • IMPORTANT: Saves made before the previous (March) update will not work.



Art for The Elder Crystals was created by Izabela Oliwia.


This is so visually beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Very nice surprise. I’ll need to make time to read this, soon :revolving_hearts:


There’s a possible bug with eye color choice. I chose violet, but was given golden eyes. I didn’t see anything indicating that was due to a story reason or my choice of race/species, so I think it’s probably a code issue.


@CC_Hill Thank you! I already told the artist. :yellow_heart:

@Eiwynn I hope you enjoy the game!

@Jenna_V Thank you! :yellow_heart: Already fixed it!

I won’t be fixing any other bugs for a while (unless they cause crashes) because I don’t want to break your saves. Feel free to point them out, tho!

@RenataC I’m glad you like him! (or her!)

@MadDog5 Thank you so much! I absolutely love your message! :yellow_heart:

@Emily-katie_Smith Thanks for catching that! Code error. Fixed!

@Damnjackson Thank you! You’ll be able to purchase some scrolls in Chapter 2 (and use them to cast spells), but casting spells the way Amedu/a does will only become available about 40% into the game. You will have to find a character that will be able to teach you magic. I’m only talking about dyen magic here, though. Primal magic will be more circumstantial and there will be an investigation into it (that will let you use it), and divine names are a late-game thing.

@user_3848 Thank you for the comment, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the game! I will make sure to fix the issue with the scrolls and add a variable for the clothes in the next update.

And don’t worry about the language. English isn’t my native language, either. :yellow_heart:

@A_Z_U_I_A Hi there! The Unliving are (to an extent) related to the undead or vampires, but they’re not actual vampires (no blood sucking). Vandrelians are a race very similar to orcs, but they focus on water-related things and trade. There are boards for all races (and much more) on Pinterest. :yellow_heart:

@Kimotski Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the story and the setting. :yellow_heart:


I loved the demo. I really like your work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now I must protec my baby dragon at all costs



This is so good so far! I knew as soon as I read the description that this was going to be incredibly well-written and enjoyable. I already want a multi-book series with many adventures of this crew, andI cannot wait to see what happens next!


Grear so far but Daria sex keeps being missed up. I chose female and still kept being classed as him.


This is definitely on my list of wips to recommend and regularly check out for.
The PC creation and stats are diversified and detailed. The world building and storyline is really good.
When can we start using magic though?


This wip is better then I was expecting. Keep it up


Hi, first of all I wanted to tell you that I really like your wip I haven’t seen many like yours before and rest assured I’ll play your other wips too

Second thing: I took three scrolls from the cave but when I went to the festival the dialogues are mixed up and I can’t buy more than one book

Last thing I choose the crystal elf race for mc’s father which means I’m immune to cold so simple clothes shouldn’t be a problem xd

PS: sorry if my english is bad it is not my native language


I am quite curious, what exactly are the unliving and vandrelian equivalent to? In terms of fantasy race.

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This demo was freaking amazing! The characters are captivating in their own ways and also the story, and man, what a cliffhanger! I’m definitely looking forward for more (●♡∀♡)


I went to the book shop, and since I established my character as being interested in magic and languages I looked at those books.

The game stated that I had enough to buy a book, plus I grabbed the three scrolls in the cave, but the game didn’t give me the option to buy both.


You have sm_init hidden sanctum so the saves are mixing with it, can you change it to elder crystals

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Yeah the same happened to me. What’s point of the scrolls if we can’t use them? Let us buy whatever we want if long as we can afford it



December 9, 2022

  • Fixed an issue with D’s gender choice.
  • Fixed an issue with MC’s eye color.
  • Added *line_breaks in the journal.
  • Changed the save file name from THS to TEC to avoid overlap. NEW SAVES NEEDED
  • Made it possible to actually buy the religious book.
  • Fixed a coding error (wrong order) that made the game take both gems and scrolls from you when you were buying books. (It checked for the scrolls, took away the scrolls, and on top of that, it then also checked for money. It was a mixup, and it’s been fixed. Tell me if it’s working!)

Me seeing the obsessive and jealous personality


Really liked the story so far. It has a very interesting characters. Not sure of which is worse, being gone for 8 days with no memory or being chase by the dead and wolf’s.


The demo doesn’t work for me.

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