The Druid

Wasn’t there a COG game called “The Druid” or something like that? Why can’t I find it on play store? Has it been removed?

[That game had like 6 or 7 paths & only one path was open ; others were playable upon purchase. I played it many years back & didn’t even finished the first path…wanted to play it now ; The MC there was playing with her friends & she stepped inside a Fairy ring…then she was transported into another place]

As far as i know only one game has been removed ever, and it doesn’t fit this games description at all, do you remember when you played it by any chance? if so then that might help narrow down the actual game

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There are other games in playstore that are similar to choice of games and hosted games but they are not related.

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From your description, I believe you are talking about the dryad’s riddle. It should still be in Hosted Games. Not sure about the purchases though, as I believe it’s simply a game with a one-time purchase.


It’s the Dryad’s Riddle I believe as in the opening the MC and friends jump in the middle of a toadstool ring and you are transported to another land but meet a dryad and answer riddles

You can also try searching the forums using the word Druid and see if anything jogs your memory

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Thank you so so much…yes thats the game !

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