The Bread Must Rise (WIP) - Now in beta testing, thread is closed

If it makes you feel better, she’s one of my favorite characters as well. Second-favorite, to be precise. And I’ve read the whole thing.

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Are you still hitting this problem? I was able to save and load on two different devices (Chrome in both cases, though).

It looks like from the screenshot that it didn’t actually save. At least when I was testing, the “Bad Slot” thing was replaced by the name of the save file when I hit save and confirmed it.

It apparently saved successfully, but then couldn’t load.

The screenshots are in reverse order, but you get the gist, probably.

Hmm! It’s working for me in Edge as well as Chrome (Windows) plus on Chrome (Android), so I don’t know what to try to resolve it.

Has anyone else run into this problem with the DashingDon saves?

Well I got that “Error: bad Slot” thing, but I can save and load with no problem.

You can post in dashingdon thread the issue

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Played the demo and looking forward to the final release! The game has the kind of humor I really enjoy!


Does this mean there are only flings? No end-game romances?

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There are end-game romances, although I wouldn’t particularly recommend this game if you’re looking for something romance-focused.

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Thank you for the confirmation. Will play the demo first when it’s out to see if the plot is interesting enough to lure me in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As Aletheia notes, romance is not the focus of the game. If more clarity helps, there are five romancable characters, and you can end up in a confirmed relationship with any one of them on a given playthrough.

But… sometimes the approach to “romance” is a little odd. This game is kind of wacky, and sometimes that’s pretty clear from where the relationships go or how they’re constructed!


I should warn you right now that there are going to be people complaining on Reddit because they can’t romance THE BREAD.

And because they can’t romance Clyde, of course, but those people are perfectly reasonable.

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Not the bread! My dreams ruined!

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Look, we had to save something for the sequel.

I will leave it to your imagination whether that refers to the reasonable or unreasonable ask.


This is actually what I was referring to, so thank you for explaining! The possibility of me getting this IF just went up to ~75% :laughing:

I honestly have no problem with that, and it just makes me more curious to see this IF in its entirety. That’s a brave move to not go for the more “traditional” route. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please tell me the confirmed relationship will continue in the sequel? :face_holding_back_tears: though I do hope the first book will not end with cliffhanger, I’ve had enough of it this year. :sweat_smile:

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I’m pretty sure he’s joking about the sequel, but in any case, the game definitely doesn’t end on a cliffhanger.

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Yes, sorry–that was a joke!

The Bread Must Rise is a stand-alone game, complete by the ending no matter the outcome you receive on any given playthrough. We don’t currently have a sequel planned and (if we do one later down the line) it will most likely be an indirect sequel, with a similar setting but different characters and a slightly different set-up.

We do have a short spin-off game about frying that’s scheduled to come out in this year’s IFComp a couple of days after The Bread Must Rise releases, but it’s a standalone game (with no romance at all) and you certainly don’t need to play either to understand the other. :slight_smile:


Closing the WIP thread as The Bread Must Rise is now out - congratulations!