The Angels of Light and Dark (WIP)

SUMMARY: You’re eighteen years old a boy/girl who is the youngest member of the family. Since your mother died giving birth to you, your relationship with your father and sister is not good. However, your brother cares about you. He’s the only person in the family who doesn’t blame you for the death of your mother.

Your life is ordinary until you realize that you’re very different from the other people.

You’re a half-human and half-angel. The difference between you and the angels is you can be seen by the other humans.

But which side will you choose? Be an angel and save humanity from bad guys or be a demon and destroy humanity?


Emma - A good friend of yours. She’s a human. She has feelings for your mutual friend - Jack.

Jack - A good friend of yours. He’s a human. He cares about you as a friend.

Alexina - She’s an angel. She refuses to accept you as one of them. Your relationship with her is not good.

Rory - She’s a demon. She always tries to make you one of them rather than kill you.

Blake - He’s an angel. Just like Alexina, he doesn’t want you to be one of them. He doesn’t believe your strength.

Owen - He’s an angel. Unlike Alexina and Blake, he accepts you and cares about you.



The first priority of the angels is to protect humanity from the other supernatural creatures. They cannot be seen by normal humans. They can be killed only by demons.

An angel can choose the dark side and turn into a demon.


A demon is the evil version of an angel. They are also called fallen angels. Demons can control human minds. They can be killed only by angels.

A demon can choose the good side and turn into a good angel.


  1. Play as male or female.
  2. Play as straight, lesbian, gay or bisexual.
  3. Make the choices that can change the story and have effects on the characters.
  4. Choose the dark or light side.
  5. Betray or be loyal to your team.

DEMO: (Demo is short because I want to check interest before continuing it)

Let me know what you think about this game. I will continue if you guys like it.


I enjoyed playing this demo, nice work.
I liked how Emma and Jack thought I was crazy when I told them I saw an angel.


I only saw one mistake when it is about the grndfather it says there that “She” instead of “He”

Can I romance an angel while being a demon or vice versa?

I’m interested in this, i enjoyed it :+1:

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Things I found

"stiles" → "styles"


"myserious" → "mysterious"



“…didn’t do anything wrong…”

At this part:

I found it weird that there no acknowledgement that he entered female bathroom.

Will look forward for interaction with other characters :slightly_smiling_face:

So I started reading this and its interesting, minor issues are words in the wrong order or just unneeded words, but apart from that’s its a good start :blush:

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Yes, you can do that :slight_smile:

I love your idea!!! I like angels and other mythical creatures and now I have a possibility to play one more game about angels! :smiley:

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I found this ^. I’m not sure if that’s your intentions or not… I just feel like I should point this out since no one else has.


Im loving it i think you should continue the story😀


Love the idea an can’t wait for more I’ll be watching this WIP :smiley:

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I love the sounds of this it’s amazing

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i like how this play out

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She wins automatically. Owen and the humans will also be buds.

Can demons and angels not kill their own group?

It would be nice if we can have a RO with a demon instead of just an angel :slight_smile: But you’ve done a good job!!

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I’m now attached to my siblings, will they die later on?

If you make wrong decisions, anyone can die.

Demons and angels are enemy. They will always fight with each other no matter what.

Damn that demo was interesting! I kind of want to be a glowing angel with a sword of light protecting humanity but the inner me wants to be climbing a staircase of bowing humans onto his throne and watch rebellious scum be executed for their crimes. >:)

Oh crap. I’m glad that you enabled us to save.