Text on the same line?


This may be a thing that will be fixed later on but when I type the code for the stats in and then try the game, the stats all appear on the same line instead of one beneath the other. So to fix this I put a space underneath each stat line but that just makes them really far apart?


It’s not supposed to do that. Could you show your code? You’re using the choicescript_stats.txt file, right?


Name: {name}, {surname}
Age: {age} Rank: {rank}
Wealth: {wealth} Income: {income}


just realised i put stats XD. i meant the basic info above the stats.


You want to use line_break between to move them onto separate lines, like so:

Name: ${name}, ${surname}
Age: ${age}
Rank: ${rank}
Wealth: ${wealth}
Income: ${income}

This post has more details on the way line breaks and paragraph breaks work in ChoiceScript, as well.

Also, if you ever want to show your code on the forums and you need to keep the indentation, you can use <pre> and </pre>, or click on the symbol that looks like </> in your menu bar when posting.


Ah, so that’s the problem. It’s explained here.

(Basically @Fiogan’s solution, but with an explanation about why it happens.)


cheers for all the help guys :smiley:

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