Text attatched to an *if statement

This should be a quick fix. I have a string of text that follows an if statement like this
*if Equipment = “hatchet”
Blah blah blah do stuff with hatchet

The text is indented two spaces away I have no idea what the problem is. Thanks in advanced

What is the actual error?

Wow… I completely forgot the most important part.

When I play through the game it just skips the text contained in the if statement

Check the indent.

*if equipment = "hatchet"
 blah blah blah do stuff with hatchet

that should work.

If it just skips it you have probably just set it wrong make sure the variable matches

*create equipment ""
*set equipment "hatchet"
*if equipment = "hatchet"

All three commands need the variable to match exactly.

Yeah, if it’s skipping the section, the most obvious explanation is that the evaluated statement isn’t actually true.