Temple of Endless Night—Protect the world from the Serpent of Chaos!

In Zephyros route, he didn’t follow me so I went exploring solo and then got kicked out of the temple. Maybe I told him stuff too much? The fate of him was unknown.

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Could you explain it in more detail? He didn’t follow you to explore the lower parts of the temple? If that’s the case, then perhaps it was because his relationship points were to low? I’m guessing now. I’d need more information to help.

@liavoid Good luck! Hope things go more smoothly the second time around!


Probably the relationship bar was low. Because I haven’t got his romance achievement yet. I need to replay again to check.

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Congrats author
This book is so well written, I enjoy it so much, its so refreshing to read. :slight_smile:
anyway my favorite ro is Menkaure, all of the ro is interesting but Menkaure is sure the most interesting in his own way, when I first read the summary about romancing the forgetten pharaoh, i just feel… oh this gonna be good, this pharaoh already stole my heart with their mistery. and it turn out so good, i know the romance not that important but i think it still amazing.


@Logan_Smith Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the game.

I think most people are interested in Menkaure, which means I might have to make sure that the ROs in my other projects are more equal in terms of content.

Still, that’s a problem I’ll have to solve myself! :slight_smile:

Thank you for playing!

This was good and I enjoyed it, but it felt too short in the end, like it was too abrupt.

I had the same problem, had relatively high relationship (more than 60) and he agreed to help me.

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@AAChmielewski I just checked the code, and it turns out you need to have more that 80 relationship points with Zephyros (or Myrine) for them to agree to follow you down into the temple. (The game asks you if you want to go and ask Z/M to help you.) Later that night, Z/M comes to your room and you either have a romantic moment with them or a friendly conversation, and both of these things make them your “partner” (in crime?).

All these things happen in Chapter 5. In chapter 7, when you actually go downstairs, the game checks for your partner.

Perhaps Z/M agreed to help you at some earlier point in the game? I’ll try to figure out what might be at fault here, but so far, I don’t see any issues in the code.

Hm. Maybe it was less than 80, maybe 70+. It still felt in the text like the relationships were good enough.

Yeah, maybe! I just remember being frustrated that in the end I was alone.

Btw congrats with the release and I hope you’ll have more positive reviews! I left one on Steam, hopefully it will help.

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In the game files, the scene goes like this.

The mercenary still looks very uncertain. “I don’t know about this. It’s…a lot.”

“I know it’s not easy, but I’m telling you the truth. Please, Zephyros, will you help me?”

Then, the game checks for your relationship, and you get one of these. (First one is a success, the other is a failure.)

“I don’t like this,” Zephyros says after a while, “but I will help you. I can’t just let you go down there without any backup.”

“I’m sorry, ${name},” Zephyros says with a sigh, “but I can’t help you with this. Normally, I would be the first person to want to check what’s down there, but this place makes me feel really uncomfortable, and I honestly just want to leave.”

I’m not certain right now, but I think Z/M does mention that you have to protect each other earlier in the game, but it’s more of a general sentiment. Still, I do apologize for that moment of frustration!

Thank you! It definitely helps, and I appreciate it!

Thank you!

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I think I will play it again someday, and if I do, I will make sure to give more of a feedback.

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It has come to my attention that some people are still having critical issues with the game on Google Play. The game isn’t responding, and all they get is a blank screen. Nothing like this happened before the game was published, and I honestly don’t know where I might have gone wrong with the code.


If any of you are experiencing something similar, please report it using the game support email because I cannot personally help you with this particular issue. The game content is working as it’s supposed to (except for one ending and achievement thing, but I’ve already prepared that for the next update).

Support: support-templeofendlessnight-gps@choiceofgames.com

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I’m not convinced this is a coding issue at your end. I tried opening your game via google play and it worked fine.


Temple of Endless Night - Update 1.0.3

Update 1.0.3 should be now available on all platforms. It came out just a few hours ago, so make sure to update your game before you play. This is especially important if you want to go for the “possession ending”.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Fixed 5 typos, including some issues with M/Z’s pronouns.
  • Fixed an inconsistent sentence that repeated itself as you considered going to the Inner Sanctum (Apepi’s route).
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to reach the possessed ending and get the Against the Odds achievement.

I don’t know if the blank screen on Google Play has been fixed, but I did report that such an issue existed. If it’s still there, I’m sure it’ll be addressed soon.

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I’m on my, oh, 12th or 13th playthrough and I can’t seem to figure out the requirements for the “beyond the horizon” achievement (haven’t made any of the possession endings… I figure since they’re clearly listed in the achievements, I don’t need to put in spoiler brackets? ) or the “no more” achievement. If anyone has any advice? In the meantime, I keep playing! Great game!

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@Elbertina Hi there! I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the game!

In order to get the “No More” achievement, you have to befriend Persenet and follow her romance or friendship path. This achievement is unlocked with her special ending, and you cannot get it without it.

As for “Beyond the Horizon,” it’s a bit less obvious.

In Chapter 2, if you pick a very particular combination of cards (empty cartouche, number one, river, faceless head, grey card), a short secret scene will appear, and you will get the Beyond the Horizon achievement. While unlocking this scene will give you the first point towards possession, you can still get any of the other endings.

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Really cool release. A good story is the way of the pharaoh. Absolutely stunning…the atmosphere and distinct epilogues made this one of my favorites to play.

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This was unexpected. I really wasn’t thinking that the game would be this engaging, the history and gods give it an ancient feel. The strange things that happen actually creep me out lol.

I loved all three male love interests. Zaphyros is a sweet warrior, humorous & he always stayed by me. overall I just can’t forget about him even when I met the others lol.
Menkaure is domineering and protective, made me feel safe and had that particular charm.
Apepi… I loved the strangeness about him. The way he was closed off until he trusted you. He seems nice only if you don’t go against his plans.

Here’s the problem… I apparently ended up with Apepi because I went too much into his route and was requested to meet him after the secret door. After all that met him in this weird cavern? Where he almost forces me into joining his brotherhood or be killed. Thing is I don’t oppose his views, chaos is part of things, and creatures beyond the veil could be accepted. But I can’t sacrifice someone innocent just to join him :confused: so I can only go against him even if I don’t want to… I hoped there would be another way he would approach things and he wouldn’t just be a cultist sacrificing someone. Is there really no other way?

This was fun to play so far. It’s replayable too.

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Thank you so much for these kind words, and I’m really glad you enjoyed the game! I’m also glad to hear that you liked the characters! :blush:

As for the issue with Apepi, at the moment, there’s no other way out of that situation. It might change in some future patch, but I don’t have anything planned for now. Still, I think it’s also important to try to see it from his perspective. People who know too much (and aren’t fully supportive) cannot be allowed to walk away, as it would be dangerous for the Brotherhood. As much as Apepi might care for someone, his goals will always be more important. He has been going after them for hundreds of years.

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Welcome : ) I’m glad I gave it a try, was worth it. Hopefully more people get to play this.
And I haven’t thought of that, it does make a lot of sense now that you actually mention it from his perspective. I just really didn’t want to have to go against him lol. but yes him prioritizing his goals would actually fall in line with his character and probably emotions too since he’s been invested to this for far too long
Thanks for the response.

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I have finished my review of Temple of Endless Night. Thanks for reading!