Take these game/races/creature ideas

Im giving away my ideas becouse im lazy, so lazy in fact, spelling mastakes MUST be made!

Idea 1: a game where you have been kidnaped, and you get to choose why you were, and if you fall in love with your kiddnaper(s) or try to escape.

Idea 2: maggot peaple that are pure white, look like humans, bet have big eyes and mouths open up realy wide, with the abitly that when it vomits on somone, they fall in love with it, first chaing them self to it, then making love to them, then if they were vomited on 3 times, want to be eaten and climb into its mouth.

Il cume up with more later…

I think most people that want to make a game are already doing so.

Not sure about idea 2 but maybe you need to see a @doctor :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree with @fantom.

I just cant code, plus i have terrible grammar and spelling, I’m lazy, i always over complicate things and more people could use my own ideas better than me…

“And more people could use my own ideas better than me…” That is 100% not true since you are the only one that knows your ideas, there is a enormous community here on the forum that is happy to help you learn to code, terrible grammar and spelling, they will also spot those things and being lazy, just write when you feel like it, like 1 time per 2 weeks?

How would i start making and coding a game, what do i click, wheres the program?

Go to that link and download the choicescript file onto your computer. Once it’s downloaded, extract it from the zip file and start playing around with the code. The link also has intructions and tips on how to use choicescript. Just start out simple

But im on ipad…

I’m pretty sure it works on ipad

Yeah it should. But it’ll just be a little bit harder

It can work on ipod, you only need more apps for it to work.

I dont think other people using his ideas is the problem here…

@P0RT3R, Damnit, man! I’m a doctor, not a psychotherapist!

A psychotherapist, lol!

lol @doctor