Syntax Error on Dreamweaver

Hi! So, I’m working on my first multiple choice game and it isn’t going so well. I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything wrong… Anyway, I’ve been using Microsoft Dreamweaver, and it keeps saying there’s a syntax error, but I don’t know what’s causing it. If anyone thinks they can help, here’s a link to the screenshot:

You don’t have to use the JS document anymore; if you copy-paste that into your .txt document, it should work with some tweaks to the setting bit.

It should look like this:

*title Hoogabloo


*create blee
*create blah
*create booby
*create bagaboo

writing here

Obviously replace my random nonsense with the contents of your story such as magic, strength, intelligence, poise etc.

I don’t know if it is the syntax error that the thing keeps telling you about, but after your choices (the # things), you have to indent again. So:

#Do the thing.
You did the thing.
#Do the other thing.
#You did the other thing.

And so on. I don’t know if this is what your current problem is, but it might cause problems later. (Of course, I don’t know if Dreamweaver is different so I could be completely wrong)

Aquos_boost I tried it that way, but it just ends up looking like this:

*title Rise of a Legend


*create magic 0
*create stealth 0
*create strength 0
*create perseverance 0
*create intelligence 0
*create poise 0
*create romance 0

This is what the beginning of your startup.txt should look like. You do this in startup.txt. No need to create a .js file for your game.

thank you!

I forgot to mention this: make sure all scene and variable names are lower case.