Switching Stats?

Hello, beginner here.

Is there a way to have a choice replace all of one stat with another? ie, ‘spend’ all of your wealth on, say, influence and have the values of the two stats switch?

Is so, how can it be done?

Hi there.

I think the way to do this is (someone correct me if I got this wrong)

*temp switch_a
*set switch_a wealth
*set wealth influence
*set influence switch_a

I think

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Well, if you’re spending wealth to increase stats, it might be better to decrease the wealth stat and increase in the influence stat instead of swapping them.

But if you’re swapping, say, influence and strength, you can do what @MeltingPenguins suggested before I could. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good point.

Is there a way to decrease one stat by the same amount as you raise another one? I obviously can’t assign values since the stat may be at any number of values at this point in the game.

If you do it at the same time:

Invest 20 into...
      *set coins -20
      *set charm +20
      *set coins -20
      *set power +20
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@MeltingPenguins’ advice is still the way to go even if you’re not sure how much the stats will change by. The process will be the same, with one tiny difference: Instead of adding and subtracting a fixed value, you can add and subtract the value of another variable. Something like this:

Spend how much of Stat 1 to increase Stat 2?
(0 is a permissible response.)
*input_number placeholder 0 stat_1
*set stat_1 -placeholder
*set stat_2 +placeholder

The three variables in the above example are:

  • placeholder, used to control how much the other two variables are changing by,
  • stat_1, the variable being decreased, and
  • stat_2, the variable being increased.

Note: The 0 and stat_1 parameters that follow *input_number placeholder are simply there to limit what can be typed into the dialog. The first sets a minimum value, the second sets a maximum. By using stat_1 as the maximum, it becomes impossible to spend more than is available, no matter how much or how little that may be.


Thank you, you have all been very helpful!

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