Stats increase/decrease every time I look at stats page

I’m having trouble with my stats. So I’m using the standard *set stat + 5, but every time I click on ‘show stats’ and then go back to the page, it’s adding another 5.

My code looks like this:

``````*set stat + 5
``````Blahblahblah text stuff

It also does this for taking away stats as well.

Maybe I’m missing something super obvious here, but I’m not sure what.

Thanks for the help!

Edit: looking again this might only be happening in CSIDE?

:thinking: This shouldn’t be happening unless you’re using randomization.

Just for precaution, move all your *set statements (and other commands, like *rand) to the top of the code block, then add a *page_break after them. Encapsulating your code like this should prevent the cs engine running over it multiple times.

The CS Engine ignores consecutive page breaks if there’s no text printed to the screen. That is, don’t worry that it’s going to add a weird “next” button in an empty page between the choice and the choice text, cus it won’t.

Oh, thank you very much!!

I’m not using random, and as I say, so far it only seems to be happening in CSIde and I can’t get the problem to replicate in actual playtests, but your solution seems very elegant and I’m going to try it anyway.

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