Statement on top of other statements

So, for what ever reason, sometimes when I have a choice, it will have another choice’s text on top of it. Example:
Attack the town below us now, killing everyone. Scout the town.
It does that with momst of the choices I have, apart from the first ones, and it’s rather annoying. I don’t think it has to do with the code? Well, not that I can see, but here is a sample of code anyway, perhaps you lot will find something that I missed?

	*disable_reuse #set up a watch, to track them.
		You decide to use skeletons, because, they are easier to hide.
		*goto set_watch
	# Just wipe the men out, there can't be more than... 30?
		If nothing else, you can get rid of a threat.
		*goto wipe_them

That particular one would then, when I run it, come up as :
Scout the town for further inffermation. Set up a watch, to track them.
So, yeah. Not sure what’s up, apart from the fact it tends to put the parrent branch before the text of the choice, all still in the child choice.

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I think something went wrong with the formatting of your post. Could you edit it so that we’re able to view your code?

You just did it all backwards, use the preformatted text to show the code only, not the explanation of your error.

→this is normal text

→Here you should put your code

Try to put all the code together, so its easy for us to see the flaw.

It sounds like this might be an indenting/spacing error, but again, like others have said, to be positive we would need to see the text in the formatting you wrote it in.

I tried to reformat your post @ArchivistAlpha096, but please double check to make sure I didn’t remove anything critical (I think it was just placeholder text you didn’t remove).

Ok, here is the code, with the correct formatting, I hope. Pretty sure that the ``` is correct.

	*disable_reuse #set up a watch, to track them.
		You decide to use skeletons, because, they are easier to hide.
		*goto set_watch
	# Just wipe the men out, there can't be more than... 30?
		If nothing else, you can get rid of a threat.
		*goto wipe_them.

Perhaps it is a spaceing indentation issue, but… You would think the game would stop if there were that many of them…
Pretty much all the choices have something like that. Strange.

Sorry, I don’t understand the issue. Can you elaborate?

There’s a space between the # and the J that it shouldn’t be there, but I don’t know if that could cause an error…

This is a stab in the dark, but if I’m understanding you correctly, your issue is that picking one of the options, is leading to the the result of the other option as well? So, when you pick “Just wipe the men out”, it shows the text under *label wipe_them and *label set_watch (or something to that effect)?

If that’s so, it’s probably because your *label set_watch is placed just before the *label wipe_them and you haven’t set up another goto there to make it go somewhere else, so naturally, it just goes from *label set_watch and keeps reading each line down until the end.

I noticed that you also used *disable_reuse, suggesting that you may have used a goto to loop back to that choice? It might help others to know what the issue is and what you are trying to achieve, if you show more of the code related to that choice (or the whole page, if it isn’t too long :wink: ), as well as the *label set_watch and *label wipe_them.

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No, that’s not exactly it, although I have had that label problem pop up sometimes.
When I here the say, "wipe them out, radio button option, before it, it would say something like: "Assault the town now, killing everyone. Wipe them out now.
Although, if I check the button, it still goes to the label wipe_them, or what ever it was. So, the options still work, it’s just that for what ever reason you have text from other choices entering the option.
I could coppy paste the hole page, but it’s like going on 300 + lines, includeing the prologue… Here, let my coppy/paste the choice again, with properly formatted code, then coppy/paste what I here when I am on the radio button of it, in firefox.

	*disable_reuse #set up a watch, to track them.
		You decide to use skeletons, because, they are easier to hide.
		*goto set_watch
	# Just wipe the men out, there can't be more than... 30?
		If nothing else, you can get rid of a threat.
		*goto wipe_them

Now, what I here when I am on the radio button of, "set up a watch:
scout the town for further infermation. set up a watch, to track them.
set up a watch, to track them. Alt+Shift+1.
So, the button is the same, but for what ever reason, the text for another choice is overlaying this one, even though when you click the button, you go to the lable set_watch.
I am sort of confused why this is happening.

Let me see if I understand this. When the choice shows up on the page when the game is running, the option text for one of the options actually displays the body text of the previous option. Is that correct?

If so, it does seem a problem with indentation or bad syntax. But it’s hard to tell. Is it possible for you to post a print of the full code for the choice and a print for said choice rendered in game?

Unsurprisingly, it’d be best if you copy-paste the entire thing. It’d do no good shooting in the dark, and you can always use

Hide details

to trim down your texts. Click on the :gear: cog button.

And if you don’t mind my curiosity, are you writing this on phone? Are you using screenreader?

Screen reader, and on Desktop. Phone would be… Complecated… Since I would have to use a blootooth keyboard anyway…
Here is the code, up to the "set_watch option. Minus Prologue, since it’s something like 50 lines, and have not figured the Line_break all out yet…

You stand on a hill, overlooking a town. Your town. The town you grew up in, the town that you have lived in almost your entire life... The town that rejected you, first with whispers, then with outright cruelty, as soon as they realized you could here the whispers...
The whispers that no one elce could... The whispers of the ones who had ventured past the vail... The dead.
Now you stand, with a small number of Zombies and Skeletons, pondering on what to do about this.
The head pops out of, somewhere. You never did figure out where, that that is your most pressing concern at the moment.
It is small, balled, and looks non-descript. This is your fermilior, sort of. As he puts it:
"I am here to insure that you survive this. It would be so much trouble to find another candadit, after all.
He speaks now:
My lord, you have several actions to take going forward. All may bring victory, but at what cost? You must balance, or fall...
*label top
	*disable_reuse	#send your troops into the forests around town to harvest raw meterials from the depths, bolstering your army, although costing valuable time.
		*goto forest
	#Assault the town below us now, killing all and raising them into your army.
			After all, better to be decisive in this life. Yes?
		*goto assault_first
	#rade the local graveyard for the required raw meterials.
		It's well, a graveyard. Lots of corpses, just begging to pull themselves out of the cold ground to surve you.
*goto graveyard
			*label assault_first
You call your troops forward to begin the march. However, what exactly do you want to do?
				#scout the town for further infermation.
					Be warned, however. If you do this wrong, your troops will be noticed, and the town will be on watch.
					*goto scout
				#Just martch your troops all down there, you can kill 200 people with your army.
					Again, there may be wrisks in this action.
*goto assault_second
*label scout
You send troops forward to scout the town, to insure that nothing nasty comes out of the woodwork, or open windows.
However, apart from a few houses, and some people in the woods with large, pointy looking pitchforks, Wate...
Well, the angry men with pitchforks were... New? You should probubly set up a watch, or spend more time gathering corpses to deal with them.
At least you know about them, and so won't have them comeing up on your rear when you assault the town...
So, what do you intend to do about them?
	*disable_reuse #set up a watch, to track them.
		You decide to use skeletons, because, they are easier to hide.
		*goto set_watch
	# Just wipe the men out, there can't be more than... 30?
		If nothing else, you can get rid of a threat.
		*goto wipe_them

That’s coppied direct from my code, indentation, mistakes and all.
So, when I go to the set watch button, I see:
Scout the town for further information. set up a watch, to track them.
That tends to come up on most of the other choice buttons, each with different text, though.

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You do seem to have an indentation problem, but I fail to see how it should produce the error you’re reporting.

I copied your code and played through it exactly as it is and when I get to the ‘set watch’ part, it does not show ‘scout the town for further information’.

Hi, another blind writer here.

This is a screen reader bug. I don’t know why screen readers read text from previous choices, but they do. I can confirm this does not show up visually.

Pick a game on the website and play it on the website. You’ll see the same thing in published games as well.

To describe what is happening to the sighted folks here, usually, screen readers read both the active choice options as well as the text of previous options.

So, if you have

* choice

then some body text. 




What screen readers often hear after proceeding past the first series of choices is:

D. A.
E. B.
F. C

If you added another series of choices, it’d read

G. D.
H. E.
I. F.

Basically, the screen reader reads the text of choices in the same position (choice 1, choice 2, choice 3) after the active choice.

Your code is fine and visually what you’re hearing won’t happen. just ignore it.


This would be a great feedback to Choice of Games LLC.

I’d consider sending a report to and check if there’s any solution to this.


I think I will do that, thank you :slight_smile: oddly, now that I think about it there’s only seems to happen when I’m using jaws. Normally I play Choice of Games on my phone, because app, convenience, yay. And that doesn’t seem to happen when I play on my phone. Actually, if I remember correctly, I think I originally downloaded the Choice of Games app on my phone because of the screen reader bug getting really annoying.
If it’s just a screen reader bug, then I am not particularly worried about it. Thank you :slight_smile:
While I am talking, I do have a question about stats. Do you have to put the stats on the start up.txt? Like for example, in my game I’m going to be tracking stuff like army size, number of certain units, visual percentage, audio percentage, stuff like that. But I have to put the say for example, create army, insert whatever number on the start up.txt? How does that work?
I think I have more or less wrestled the meaning about how to deal with the stats.txt file, will probably have to tweak it but meh, that’s life.

You’re right. Any global variable, that is, any variable you will use throughout the game must be declared in the start-up file.

However, the actual stats page is rendered from the choicescript_stats file, where you should build the charts players will see during the game.

So, ensure that all the stats that I will be using also are in the start up TXT?
Also, how would I do to start underline charts in the stats file? At the moment the game seems to have an issue, because it keeps throwing up errors. What I think I’m going to do is have several different stats pages, one for personnel, one for military, etc.
I seem to remember looking at some code that did something like that, and it had a lot of star if’s, and some other stuff I wasn’t quite sure about.

So, you have a few options here.

stat_chart is where you would list all the things you want to show up in your main stats screen.

*label stats

percent morale 
opposed_pair loyal

In order to have different areas of the stats screen, you can just use the same *choice *goto *if etc commands.

* choice 
  #main stats
    *goto stats
    *goto codex
  #military terms 
    *goto military
  #important civilians.
    *goto civilians 

Then write whatever you want for those sections under the particular *label

the choice script wiki, an admittedly wonderful resource and my goto for literally basically everything, has a lot of info about the stats formatting in general:

Note that for us, what shows up often as things like

loyalty: 100.
Morale: 3

Your soldiers think well of you.
Cleverness: 30

Are bar charts visually.

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